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Wednesday, November 19, 2014Jake1


Dear diary,


I have to admit, this year I was not very good in keeping up with my diary. But Mommy does hardly let me use the computer anymore. She is so busy with book marketing, I had to fight for the few minutes she gave me.

But then, all of a sudden, she got a great idea. (Imagine! Mommy got an idea! That’s already amazing, but a GREAT idea, that never happens!)

She needed shoes for work. And when she unwrapped the shoes she put the box on the ground to get more room.

Of course we IMMEDIATELY claimed the box! Esme, as usually, was the first one:






















And then I needed to take a look too…

And then, when Esme went to take a bite, I immediately had to use the chance. It was the only one I got to prove the box is MINE!!






















When Esme returned, she just tried to claim the box back and we started slapping each other with our paws. Mommy laughed because we had been hissing and fighting and slapping…








When I turned away, Esme tried to follow me and had to leave the box… and that was really worst:

Charlet arrived and climbed into the box behind our backs. Isn’t this MEAN??























And Esme and I could only watch her… but we paid attention and of course hoped Charlet would leave again – but she didn’t. When she finally had to use the litter box Esme and I immediately claimed our box back!








Of course after all this excitement we needed to relax. While Mommy took pictures of Esme and Charlet, I was sleeping on Mommy’s belly… (And we realized that apparently Esme’s hair is growing. She looks kind of fluffy, doesn’t she?) *chuckle*



















Luckily Mommy got another box… and of course we all needed to take a look at it right away:
























Mommy told us we all we go and spend Christmas with her Mom. (Grandma then. *grin*) Being in that huge house again will hopefully give me plenty of adventures for another diary entry.

Until then…








(Please respect the personal copyright of the cat pictures. Thank you) 

Christmas Decoration picture to find at:

Rainbow colors

Friday in the evening I sat in the bus to drive to the ice-stadion… Sometimes I use the time sitting there to secretly look at the other passengers and today I discovered a woman… this wouldn’t be that unusual… but this woman was dressed in something that I would describe as “couldn’t decide on one color palette”…


She had brown shoes on… blue tennis socks, yellow pants, a green-grey striped T-Shirt, a red belt and since it looked like it would rain she pulled a jacket out of her bag and put it on… bright turquoise… I didn’t know should I laugh or cry…



In particular the tennis socks inside the peep toes made me shudder…






Ladies, please!!!!


Keep in mind, that “bringing some color in your wardrobe” doesn’t mean  picking each color and wear them all at the same time!


You can do a lot of things – provided that you chose the colors of the same color-palette! – Let’s see: the Palette “Brown” means, you can wear any color from winter-white, cream, beige, “rust”, hazelnut, brown and umbra. (Please – here too – not all to the same time, ok?) – But allow yourself for example to wear some hazelnut pants and a cream top – brown or beige shoes… this looks very nice! – And you are allowed to add some teal or tuquoise as a Highlight!


This is just an example – but again: don’t mix them all up!!! Combine black or white with a bright color – but please – ONE bright color – and not all of them!


Don’t go out looking like a rainbow… rainbow-colors ARE beautiful – but not on a woman!


Take it easy, and get dressed properly!! Take your time – and prove some taste.





Pictures to find at:


Street Style picture:


Hello Lori,lori_and_ringo-250x200

I want to thank you first of all for your readiness to be part of this interview and permit me to publish it on my blog. I did choose you because I have heard of you before and would like for other people to know you and your writing better.


Would you explain what made you write in the first place?

Everyone was urging me to write a book about what happened to me in Iran, so their nagging finally paid off and I wrote it.




When did you feel the need to write?

I didn’t really feel a NEED to write,  just an obligation to share.  Although once I started writing I thought now I NEED to tell my WHOLE story not just what happened in Iran, but my childhood sexual abuse, my bipolar disorder, drug abuse  etal….the WHOLE story.



What is it you like to write the most? Are we talking about articles, short stories, novels…  Please tell us about your writing.

I really don’t feel a NEED to write unless it’s something that really sparks my emotions and I feel the need to share my opinion and views.  I used to write ALL the time and share my opinions and outlooks in this forum, but a lot has happened in my life that’s put writing on the back burner for now.



We all hear about the chances in the publishing world. Old publishing companies are extending their offer from traditional publishing to self-publishing. How do you assess the market in the future?

I think EVERYONE will eventually self-publish if they want to see their book in print.  I think a LOT of intelligent, more interesting books are self-published.  I don’t think an author has any chance at becoming a MILLIONAIRE by any means.  Regardless if your self-published or an agent had you published, unless you come into the market with a LOT OF MONEY to promote your book then GOOD LUCK!



Would you mind becoming really famous with your writing – like Stephenie Meyer with her Twilight Series or J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter? 

For the right reasons.  Not to make millions (although thousands would be good J ) but to be able to TRULY GET A MESSAGE ACROSS!  I know that sounds generic but I truly mean it.  I speak at a rehab hospital once a month and I can’t believe how many people come up to me after the talk and told me that they have inspiration to get better and that it had changed their outlook on life; this means MORE TO ME than any millions.  And about 80% of my profits go to charities such as AMNESTY INT’L, HUMANE SOCIETY, DRUG REHAB HOSPITAL, etal.



Do you see any kind of “danger” within this kind of fame – for a writer particularly?

That they will lose sight of what they originally intended to do.  If it meant to entertain and teach children, then don’t make your books and movies so high priced that parents can’t afford them.  But if your someone like Stephen King and you just want money for scaring people to death, then you’re in it for all the right reasons J



I personally think by today’s kind of electronic communication many children and young people forget how to write properly. How do you see this?

I TOTALLY AGREE.  They also don’t put much time into reading, if you looked at surveys most buyers of Kindles are middle aged women.  Children have so much going on with these devices and have to talk to their friends all the time that they don’t WANT TO READ.  And if they did they could get it narrated to them.


Is there any advice you would like to give fellow authors?

Stay true to yourself.  Remember why you originally wanted to write a book, to entertain, teach, scare, or whatever, and don’t get caught up trying to be someone like Stephen King because it will never happen, there already is ONE STEPHEN KING, so be YOUR ONE and be different.



Thank you so much for being part in this! We all really appreciate it! (WEBSITE)cover_1_-337x512 (BLOG) (TWITTER)!/lforoozandeh (FB) (AMAZON)

U is for Unicorn

The unicorn is a legendary animal that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead. The unicorn was depicted in ancient seals of the Indus Valley Civilization and was mentioned by the ancient Greeks in accounts of natural history by various writers, including Ctesias, Strabo, Pliny the Younger, and Aelian.[1] The Bible also describes an animal, the re’em, which some translations have rendered with the word unicorn.[1]

(Thank you, Wikipedia)



It seems, the origin of this legend has been based in mythology, but was added by hunters in Antiquity who told stories about these legendary animals they’ve hunted and even killed. This would theoretically mean that once Unicorns had really existed and were hunted into extinction. But this has never been proven. In particular legends have never been able to satisfyingly prove their existance and tell about how they looked exactly since back then of course there weren’t cell phones which could have taken a quick “snap” and whoever delivered the story added something more to the fantasy.

This means that Unicorns in these times are considered to be horse-like animals (mostly illustrated as white horses), with one long horn attached to their forehead. Mystical, innocent creatures, shy and extremely rare. Sometimes they’re shown with wings (similar to Pegasusses) and sometimes without wings.









Many legends describe Unicorns with magical abilities, and they always embody the Good (compared to the “Evil”). Worst anyone in any story or movie can do is try to kill the Unicorn. Unicorns often stand for purety, innocents, love. They hardly can be touched, except by virgins and are part of the magical world, often together with other magical creatures, such as elves, faires, etc.

Until this day, biologists, zoologists and historians are still trying to prove that Unicorns existed. Even though legends talk about existing proof somewhere in North Corea, fact is: it couldn’t been proven to anyones satisfaction. Even though some people say, Unicorns which were already very rare creatures, had been hunted into extinction for their horns, which were considered to be highly magical things and worth ten to hunderfold their weight in gold!

King Artus is said to have snorted grounded Unicorn horn off his shield – but I personally am not sure about this source, to be honest… after all, Merlin is still a legend too. (And yes, I know… the ones say, he was worlds biggest magician, while others consider him to have been a druid, but nobody really knows.)

Unicorn horn was said to give his owner, “snorter”, “Eater”… or whoever we would like to call him. The person would have been able to fly, turn invisible or be indestructible.

Unfortunately this has never been proven either… and in my opinion, Unicorns, as beautiful as they are shown, have never existed…

To me, Unicorns will always be beautiful, innocent, highly magical creatures – but part of my Fantasy… and that’s where I will always keep them… within my brain, my fantasy world.


What do you think? Have Unicorns ever existed? Or do you more or less agree with me that they are purest legend and fantasy? Let me hear your thoughts – I’m curious!


Pictures to find at:

Unicorn without wings:

Unicorn with wings:

Unicorn with elves:

Raani York:

A new guest post can be found on “Jen’s Thoughts” Blog:

I do thank Jennifer Owenby very much for this wonderful opportunity she created for me

Originally posted on Jen's Thoughts:

I’ve written this blog for a few years and I’ve developed relationships with some great people. One of them is Raani York and I was very excited to see her post announcing the publication of her first book! I asked Raani to share with us concerning her writing and how she created and birthed  Dragonbride. Please welcome Raani York!

dragonbride_low_res_previewAs a child, I had started reading quite early, and it used to be a pleasure for me to not only scan the pictures, but also know what the words said. Soon enough picture books couldn’t challenge me anymore, and I switched to more interesting books. I must have been around six when destiny shoved a book into my little hands that took me into the world of fairies, dwarfs and magic.

I still think this dive into a fantasy world has substantially marked my path into the literary…

View original 1,055 more words

Raani York:

Merlin Fraser’s Dust Bunnies are back!! I’m so excited about them and I love them deeply. Find out their latest news on his blog “Oomins Vs Dust Bunnies”. – And have fun!!

Originally posted on Merlinfraser's Blog:

Under my bed   When it comes to the relationship between Oomins and Dust Bunnies it has to be said it’s not exactly a happy one that is especially if you happen to be a Dust Bunny.

You see the problem, as I see it, is that most Oomins can’t even see us, and out of all those that do, they see us as….well dust, if you get me meaning.  Which is pretty insulting when all things are considered, you see Dust Bunnies hate dirt and dust just as much as any Oomin.  In point of fact way back, long, long, long ago when the whole world was cover in dust it was us Dust Bunnies that brought the whole sorry state of affairs to the attention of the Oomins that were around at the time.

Oomins can’t even see dust, well not until it settles on something shiny then they go berserk…

View original 1,611 more words


Yesterday I was informed that my latest interview has been published on „“. I’d be happy to see you there and read more about me:



Addittionally I found out that I got another review. This time it is a 4-Star review. But it really is amazing and I like it very much.


Thank you for this review, Mona!



I would love to see more of them and strongly recommend you to read “Dragonbride”. I am totally objective of course when I tell you it’s a wonderful book. :-)


Find “Dragonbride” here:


Dragonbride_cover_smallerBarnes & Noble:


CreateSpace eStore:

Apple: Paperback: Kindle edition:



 Oyster Books:


Thank you so much for getting me two more steps forward!!


Please respect that this cover is copyright protected! Thank you.

Since I haven’t felt so great lately I blew the dust off a few of my old love novels and re-read them. Most of them really are kind of funny (in an extremely romantic, innocent way of course) and some others are interesting… and all of a sudden a few questions came up…

It seems every single woman on Earth is looking for the most handsome, as muscular, tall, dark and dangerous man there is…



Dangerous, inpredictable, uncontrollable, hard, mercyless, even cruel. But in  the woman’s hands he becomes as soft as cotton… protective, caring, considerating, loving… a real cissy… *chuckle*

I’m asking myself:


1. Are there good looking, smart, muscular, dangerous, protective and caring men like this? (Except my boyfriend, of course, but that’s a different story!!)

2. How come women still are looking for protective men?

3. Does that mean our evolutionary equal rights women have been fighting for in the last 80 years or so is nothing than an illusion?

4. Isn’t it kind of hard to imagine a warrior like this, fighting with sword, daggers and more is turning into a cuddly Teddybear when being with “the right woman”?

5. What a coincidence is it that a dangerous, testosterone poisoned warrior is not interested in any women and “saves” himself up to have his first sexual experience with “the right woman”?

(6. And why in all the world  the same dangerous, good looking, muscular, caring, cruel, considerating protective loving man is carrying excellent, overdimensional equiment below his belt – which of course would NEVER EVER hurt his woman but turns out to be a perfect fit?)







Why aren’t love stories more “realistic”? Where are the women who prefer the calm, shy, introverted bookkeeper with the paunch and the chicken chest, who loves cats, children and whisky rum… just about in that order? Could it be that his family jewels aren’t the same quality as a warriors’? Would he be just as caring with his family? Just as protecting towards his wife?







What is with the computer nerd who forgets everything around him, dives into the digital cyber world and only shows up when he has to pee, eat and sleep… and sometimes not even then? Couldn’t the perfect one woman for him take him back to the real world, show him how wonderful nature is, go on long romantic walks with him and take care of all his needs personally?




Honestly now: even I had been roaring with laughter after writing this!!





I’m afraid, in our dreams and wishes we women still limp about 100 years behind reality!! We want a MAN!! We want a man who is able to fight for us, protect us, kill for us and show us his love this way!! We want a man who is willing to prefer us ABOVE everything else – and permits only US to see his caring and warm blooded heart which beats only for us – while everyone else sees him as a “Monster”… but of course a GREAT looking “monster”, since of course we want to be proudly show him around and have other women be jealous of what we share with him while they will NEVER EVER have the same!!

We want to be by his side and prove we’re not useless – but of course we want him to protect us!! We want to SEE how much warrior and fighter he is to be able to be proud of him. We want to feel he’s melting in our arms and want to feel we are the only ones who are able to make him lower his shield and open up. We want his amazing, toe curling kisses and his sexy love making. We want to entrust him with our heart and know he would never ever willingly hurt or even worse, destroy it. We want to know we’re the only one in his life and his thoughts and we are prepared to turn into harpies to protect him because we know he’s ours!!

We want a MIRACLE!!


Romantic Paintings (8)


Okay, here we go: What do you think is best in a romantic novel to keep your interest alive? What would make you read a romantic novel? What kind of man does it need for your fantasy to really dive into the story? Let me hear it, I’m curious.





Pictures to find at:

Muscular warrior:*data*media*12*beautiful_eric_schwabel6187.jpg/

Warrior in blue:

Bookkeeper: http://islan

Computer Nerd:

Romance Painting:


Raani York:

Deedee Davies has published a blog post about “Dragonbride”. Thank you so much Deedee!!

Originally posted on The Official Writing Blog of Deedee Davies:


Today I’m pleased to be able to share news about the release of Dragonbride, a fantasy novel by author Rani York.


Shalima, “Daughter of the Light”, was born under special circumstances. She was raised by her aunts instead of her mother because she needed to be prepared to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Scriptures, which told that she was the only Magician on Earth.

Her aunts carefully prepared her for her obligations and her sacred duty. She will have to get married to the Holy Golden Dragon, the King of the Dragons, a huge Earth Dragon with magical talents. She cannot believe that she is the “Chosen One”, who has to protect the Dragon Species, all of Nature and finally the Earth. But when she turned into a teenager it seemed that the Old Scriptures were right.

Not only does she have to fulfill her duty by getting…

View original 811 more words


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