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Photo_on_2-13-14_at_2.30_PMHello Patti,

I want to thank you first of all for your readiness to be part of this interview and permit me to publish it on my blog. I did choose you because I have heard of you before and would like for other people to know you and your writing better.


Thank you, Raani for the invitation and for your patience.




Would you explain what made you write in the first place?


I believe I have been called to write, and as my sister, Marta says, writing chose me when I was five years old.



When did you feel the need to write?


I don’t write because I feel the need. My writing has never been dependent upon my feelings. I don’t have to get in the mood.



What is it you like to write the most? Are we talking about articles, short stories, novels… Please tell us about your writing.


I write about everything and anything that catches my fancy. I can be reading a book and an idea pops up out of what I am reading, and I write it down speak it into my iPad or iPhone, or I am sitting in a Café and someone catches my attention, and I literally stop what I am doing and jot it down in a brief sentence, etc… These notes that I write in my evernote or simplenote apps on my iPad then become a new article that might be published by American Diversity Report, or on my own blogs, or sent out to a newspaper with a good OpEd section to see if I can get published there. My notes are also the basics for my short story and for my novels. My observations, what I hear, and what I read go into my note apps, and later I decide whether what I am going to write is going to be an article, short story or novel.



We all hear about the chances in the publishing world. Old publishing companies are extending their offer from traditional publishing to self-publishing. How do you assess the market in the future?


To be quite honest with you Raani, I don’t assess the writing market. It takes too much time, and that is time that I don’t have. I read about the trends, but I don’t let the trends bring me out of my concept.



Would you mind becoming really famous with your writing – like Stephanie Meyer with her Twilight Series or J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter?


No, I wouldn’t mind that all. In fact, I would love it.



Do you see any kind of “danger” within this kind of fame – for a writer particularly?


Raani, there is danger in everything. It is not my goal to avoid danger, but to overcome it. So, I don’t plan on hiding my talent in a closet. If the door opens, I am going to walk through it and deal with the danger as it comes.



I personally think by today’s kind of electronic communication many children and young people forget how to write properly. How do you see this?


That could be true, but I don’t think so. People were saying that about the typewriter years ago, when it first hit the scene.



Is there any advice you would like to give fellow authors?


Sure, something that I’ve learned. Writing is not a job. It is a lonely, demur calling that robs you of your sleep, imbalances your hormones, makes you temperamental, has other people thinking you’re strange, and it sometime has you in a manic/depressive state of being overexcited because the words are flowing so well, and the next day you experience a down-in-the-dump valley low because the one word that expresses what you want to write doesn’t come to you instantly.


Writing demands your time, your focus, and your willingness to listen, research, read, and learn. It is a selfish lover that doesn’t always share willingly. It will take you through the entire gamut of your emotions regarding success and failure as you learn to persevere and endure until your breakthrough. Yet, it is the amorous attentive lover when you have finally written and strung words together that touch the hearts of people. So, stick with it and don’t give up.



Thank you so much for being part in this! We all really appreciate it!




Where to find Patricia?



Today I’ve been reminded of my former boyfriend… What a Sweet talker!! He already talked many women into a diabetic coma!! (Including me – I’m still feeling ashamed…)


He told me he loves to cuddle… the entire night – and that he would stroke me into insanity… – Yes… SURE!!! I tell you, Ladies… if you ever are given the chance of spending a so called “cuddle weekend” with him… refuse to do it… believe me, a live long artificial coma is easily to prefer than to spend a weekend with him!


He was an absolutely great looking Guy!! 6’4″ of charm with the voice of cotton-candy… even though at the first sight you might think he’s the type who slaughters his meals himself shortly before breakfast… but still…. there was something about him….


I’ve heard about him he’s supposed to be very romantic and his hazel eyes were like the glowing steppes under the hot summer sun, and his eyes were his medium to express the tenderness for endless passion slumbering in him… Oh – how I laughed!!!!! The naked truth is: his sense of romantic is limited to dimming the lights which helps him falling asleep easier while getting a massage… Messed_up-romance


And his eyes aren’t hazel but brown-green like a Florida-swamp in August (talking about poetic expressions)… and his tenderness to endless passion is quickly expressed within about three minutes… including foreplay… which is normally limited to the question: “Are you awake?” – He’s about as passionate as a rain worm… and Ladies… even his… hm…. let’s say… private parts do not keep what his height promises… too bad…



Unbelievable: it’s only spring… and I’m this poisonous already…


I’m right now asking myself what made me remember him… oh! Right… Talking to a girl of 15 who was crying about her lost first love… Sheeeeeeesh – the girl was PRAYING to get him… *chuckle*


Let’s say, at the end she believed me that other women have beautiful sons too.


beauty girl cry


What IS IT that make people pray in certain situations? Like when they’re not feeling well, depressed, sad, when their lives don’t work as smoothly as they should – and love?


Love problems of all kind… Just to let you know… as for this, I’ve got an excellent method to understand: Garth Brook’s “Unanswered Prayers”… what a beautiful song… and it makes some sense (I personally think). :-)



This now made me think about religion – and believing… the question is: does believing really make happy… or just “nuts”? Well… the ones throw themselves to the ground to praise the Lord… others go to church every Sunday… watching the same program for 2000 years… others blow themselves up…


All this seems to be kind of negative at first. Why do people believe in God at the first place? Because they search for the purpose… the sense… They want to understand how this all had been made… where did everything come from? Peoples’ brains don’t work properly enough to understand all this!


To everyone religion means something different. I don’t mind it – I don’t ask – and I do expect you don’t ask me. Religion to me is something personal and private and I don’t like if I get it thrown around my head every time I read something or leave the house.


This doesn’t mean, that evolution wouldn’t be of any interest for me – like for other people as well.


Let’s see: mankind does have a genetic similarity of 90% with the pig! The rest… 10% is… whatever… hair… (and not even this with all of us!) *giggle*


You know I’ve been thinking: 90% genetic similarity… that’s pretty tough – especially for men: I’m sure some of them often stand in their shower at night, looking down on themselves thinking: “Wow… I hope this doesn’t curl itself…?!” LOL









90% genetic similarity… since I know that I cannot walk into a butcher’s shop without thinking that it’s a pure evolutionary stroke of luck I’m standing on this side of the window… :-)


Thinking purely sober, people are mainly pigs with drivers’ licenses and pension entitlement… *chuckle”


There is, however, plenty of intelligence in SOME of us that are supposed to understand: we should respect other people!! Respect…. that’s an important thing for us! When I was young the older people permanently complaint about young people not having any respect of the age!


That’s something I don’t get either: I mean: respecting people for who and how they are, for wisdom and experience they collected - yes… but respecting the age? As if fading would be a performance…







Oh, well… I figure… after all… we do agree, that we need to respect each other to guarantee a quite peaceful life together…


And if you ever meet a person you just don’t like… for some undefined reason: think about the 90% genetic similarity with a pig… and start laughing… you’ll see, life can be fun!!



***************************************************************************************************************** Pictures to find at:


Crying women’s eyes:


The Eden Saga picture of evolution:


Respectful handshake:


woman thinking:

Raani at the Zoo

This beautiful sunny Sunday I decided to go to the Zoo. I haven’t been there for years and I felt like seeing some animals – and in particular some baby animals too. (which I did).


I found so many fascinating creatures there, impressive, beautiful, strong!! There aren’t plenty of Superlatives to describe the fascination of Nature today. And this is the main reason why I go to the Zoo.


What I regretted today was the fact that there was not one single second of piece and silence. – I’m not talking about the animals. They sing, grunt, growl, talk – and twitter… that’s nature… and I’ve got nothing against it… I am talking about the fact, that there was no chance for me to sit down in piece and take my time to really see and watch the animals, study their eyes, fur, muscles, the way they walked and communicated… there were always screaming children, complaining parents and noise, noise, noise…

Isn’t there one place on earth people DON’T feel it’s their right to scream, complain, yell, roar, eat, drink and smoke, without any consideration for other people or animals?

Isn’t there ONE MINUTE children don’t scream, yell, call complain with all their strength their throats can muster – and one minute their parents call them silent?

Do children ALWAYS, at any second of their life have to be entertained, instead of being silent and just study nature – as my parents taught me to do?


I was pushed away from what I was doing – from other adult people, from little kids, from Teenagers – until I was nearly ready to freak out…


In many ways, this was a beautiful day – but in many other ways it was a day the piece of my heart and the silence within my soul was deeply disturbed by the ruthless choosiness of people around me – in general… And I found it disturbing and sad…


But still: I don’t want to withhold the most interesting creatures I’ve seen today….





























































































































































































This, of course, is only a small collection of the animals I saw – but considered the noise and the permanent disturbance I didn’t have the chance to take too many acceptable pictures. Even more since I’m not the best photographer on earth anyway…

I hope you do enjoy the pictures.


(Please respect that I hold the Copyright of these pictures, and if you’d like to use one or more, do me the favor and ask me. Thank you)

H is for Hope

Hope… what is it?Blackbird-male







noun: hope; plural noun: hopes.

a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

“he looked through her belongings in the hope of coming across some information”

synonyms: aspiration, desire, wish, expectation, ambition, aim, goal, plan, design; More


Aspiration… desire… wish… how about DREAM??


I have been thinking about what “hope” means to me… what is it? A “condition” or “state” I’m in? Really a “feeling” or “emotion”? There are, I think, as many interpretations as there are people in this world…


There are so many absolutely beautiful quotes about HOPE… but still: To me, it is something special – something unexpectedly strong – something to hold on.


To me, I would say, HOPE is a “spark” which keeps strength and will focused on a certain “goal” or “thing” and does guarantee to hang on.


Aristotle said: ““Hope is a waking dream.” which to me describes pretty well what I feel.


Hope to me looks like a blackbird. I know this might really and seriously sound strange. But do you know the moment when a blackbird is landing on the grass. It looks at you but decides you’re not “danger”. It starts hopping around, collecting food but from time to time it checks on you as to make sure that you don’t suddenly turn into danger. When you get up and walk towards the blackbird it hops away a few steps and starts collecting again. Whenever you get closer again, it hops off… it never lets you too close, and for sure never closer enough to grab it, but it’s there, visible, just out of reach. The blackbird named HOPE.


And there’s something else I personally think: HOPE to me is a positive word. And it never goes with negative thoughts. (At least not to me). I do hope for good things: That something might happen, a good thing; that something might fulfill, a dream; that I will get something, a thing I had desired or wished for. All good things.


I cannot wish for something bad to happen, NEVER. Neither to me nor to anyone else. I cannot hope that someone else will have bad luck, or an accident.. This does not go with the positive energy that HOPE has.


I would say, HOPE does not go without SYMPATHY.


It is somehow hard to understand… but when I was within the worst time of my life, when I was surrounded by bad luck, bad emotions and sadness, during the darkest time one can imagine, it was only the nearly invisible thread of HOPE keeping me up. And I will always be grateful for that. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said: “We have always held to the hope, the believe, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.”


And this is, why I’m still here.





What is HOPE to you? Did you ever lose it? Did you ever HOPE for something that never happened, but HOPE was the only thing you hung on? Let me hear your thoughts, please, I’m curious.



Pictures to find at:



Hello Lori,Lori Ramsey


I want to thank you first of all for your readiness to be part of this interview and permit me to publish it on my blog. I did choose you because I have heard of you before and would like for other people to know you and your writing better.

Would you explain what made you write in the first place?

I believe I was born with the urge to write. My earliest memories are of me making up stories. As I became older, I realized I wanted to put these stories in a novel.




When did you feel the need to write?


At age 27 I decided I needed to follow the passion within my heart, to become a writer. I signed up for a “Famous Writers School course in fiction writing.”  When I was 29 I wrote my first novel to about 90% complete but did not finish it until 2013, 17 years after I had started it.




What is it you like to write the most? Are we talking about articles, short stories, novels…  Please tell us about your writing.

I have written many articles and 13 non-fiction books but my passion is in fiction – specifically romance. I have many novels in my mind and I have several in the works. I write coming of age and science fiction too but I always weave romance in the stories.





We all hear about the chances in the publishing world. Old publishing companies are extending their offer from traditional publishing to self-publishing. How do you assess the market in the future?

I think the indie author is taking the entire publishing industry by storm. The gloves are off and the playing field is more level (not completely though) for those who do not want to go the traditional route. I myself have never tried to go the traditional route. I much enjoy having total control over my novels from cover design to publishing date to pricing. I think there are good opportunities for traditional published authors as well as indie authors. No longer do we have to lament the many rejection letters and wait for an eternity to have our beloved stories published, now with some motivation and right steps, anyone who produced quality stories can be published.




Would you mind becoming really famous with your writing – like Stephenie Meyer with her Twilight Series or J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter?

I would love it. I’m not like those who say they just write to be writing. I have a purpose in mind. I would love to put “NY Times Bestselling Author” by my name. I’m being honest here, and I think many other authors if they were honest would admit to the same thing. I don’t have time for a hobby, so I write with the purpose of making this my full time job someday.




Do you see any kind of “danger” within this kind of fame – for a writer particularly?

Like with anything in life it needs balance. Fame from anything can be good or bad depending on how you take it. I find my own balance in my faith and if I ever do become famous it will be because I believe God gave it to me and I owe any and all fame and success to Him.




I personally think by today’s kind of electronic communication many children and young people forget how to write properly. How do you see this?

Definitely. I see it with myself. I can type like there is no tomorrow but put a pen and paper in my hand and I’m clumsy all of a sudden. My handwriting is terrible. I see the children coming up as having the same issues. They can text on their phones, type on the computers, but the art of beautiful handwriting is gone. I think the schools should push it more. I hate that I’ve lost the touch for it as well, but to keep up we must press on these electronic buttons.




Is there any advice you would like to give fellow authors?

If you feel you have the passion to write then go for it. But be aware it is not as easy as slapping together a book and putting it on Amazon. Write it, edit and proof it, hand it to a professional editor (take a part time job to pay for it if you have to), have a professional cover created, have it professionally formatted, and then publish it only after doing all of the above.



Thank you so much for being part in this! We all really appreciate it!





Sunny Beam

My website:


Twitter: @LoriARamsey








Monday, March 31, 2014


Mommy says it’s time again for a diary entry. Even though I’m so busy, she always reminds me of my duties.



Lately we’re having a calm and easy life. Except that Mommy has to leave a little too often for my taste. Last weekend she had to leave again and told us, the nice Lady she introduced us to, will feed us. We’ve been quite surprised when Mommy was back in the late Saturday afternoon.

I was just busy biting into Charlet’s ears when Mommy returned – and Esme was asleep, but that doesn’t say much.










And then, Sunday, Mommy took me (and only me) into the car and we drove to a little pond to enjoy nature, as she said. Of course I was secured on harness and leach and it was all very nice, if the f*&% ducks hadn’t shocked me so badly…


What should I say?


Mommy walked, I rode. Of course this means that I had Mommy carrying me once around the pond. What a nice view. It made me all nervous. *chuckle*


I saw a few birds I would have loved to hunt, but of course this wasn’t possible since I was still secured in harness and leach, but I “chattered” – and of course it sounded MUCH better than the ducks’ chattering.






Oh – and of course we weren’t the only people walking… and all the others looked so surprised. *giggle*

Well… I guess it’s time to permit Charlet and Esme to write something. After all the past two times they weren’t allowed to say anything.







Yes, that’s right. We really weren’t allowed to say something. HAHA. But I’ll get him for that!




Mommy has taken her apprentice home and he did play with us – A LOT while Mommy cooked dinner. LOL



He’s a nice boy and he petted us nicely.










Mommy said, he became Swiss Junior Champion in Icehockey with his team. *grin*. She was happy about it.

Even though he’s Austrian, but that’s only a detail.


At least we three enjoyed playing with him and Mommy said she’ll soon take him home again to play with us.








Other than that Esme and I find it hilarious to sleep in the bathroom next to each other and Mommy says we both snore.







I’ll hand over to Esme

I’ll be back soon




March 31, 2014

Oh ‘ what a nice life, really. In the meantime I started a new habit. Whenever Mommy turns the TV on I sit onto the furniture, right in front of the TV and start cleaning myself. Mommy says, she doesn’t see anything when I do that. But honestly: Do I look like I care?





And besides: Yesterday we met in the living room and spent a nice and comfy cleaning hour. Mommy has taken pictures like crazy and still didn’t get even one of us properly onto one picture. LOL




And: to complete the report: I scratched Mommy because she brushed my fur. She said my fur needs more care than the other’s, but I don’t believe her. I think she just likes to make me suffer. *sigh*

But the cleaning was good. :-)

Okay, that was it from me – I’m sure there is something somewhere that needs my undivided attention.



The power of words

It’s been a while now I’m a writer… – but for the longest time I have not really been thinking about what it means… One day I found out about it and realized what kind of responsibilities I do now have.


For the fotographer the light is the poetry of his artwork… for the writer words are the medium to paint his picture… I know it might sound weird, but that’s how it is… – Yes, words can weave a beautiful fabric of “melody”, like in poetry, or words can as well paint a wonderful, fantasyful picture of a story… a novel, a thriller, a fairy tale… a love story… anything that makes your head whirl and sends your fantasy on a trip…


Words, set up in a special kind of way can touch people’s hearts and souls, they can comfort, they can apologize, they can express emotions such as love, sadness, mourning, happiness and so on…


But words… words can also kill…


Words, set up in a terrible kind of way, used to hurt people, they can cause painful damage to people’s feelings, hearts, love… and even life… There have been people, being “tortured” phsycologically over years that have committed suicide… there are people who had been hurt by a moment because a beloved one said something to them… and they killed themselves (or the other one) in an instant…


Words can cause terrible damage… used on purpose or unconciously they can destroy people…


I usually am very careful in what I say… or write… knowing about the power of words… but there are times when I’m really angry… that I have to keep myself back by speaking out what I think… I definitely do try to avoid hurting people only by expressing my thoughts with my lips… But sometimes… it is necessary to use this kind of art to shake people awake… sometimes…


And you know what’s really annoying? It’s the fact that some people are unable to understand this kind of logic… they either don’t understand the words, they don’t understand the power of the words I use… they might not be smart enough to really read them – or they are not intelligent enough to understand I DO MEAN THEM!! – Specifically them!!!


Sometimes they just hurt and insult… without thinking… just to hurt…


Yesterday – once more, I realized how important it is, not to only protect others from words – but to protect myself from other peoples’ words.

I got hurt so badly, it nearly chokes me!! I’m not sure what to do right now… do I scream? Do I rage? Or do I just sit there in a dark corner and lick my wounds?

Why am I not worth an apology to other people? Not even that?? Instead they’re trying to yell at me and want to make ME feel guilty that they HAD to tell me what they did!!

My pain and my despair don’t matter to them… What they inflicted inside of me isn’t bothering them… not the slightest bit… they’re so convinced of themselves, that they consider to be right, no matter what. And my vulnerability is just a bit dust on their shoes…






And those are the moments I’d rather kick a couple butts – or one, if comes to that… than using words… I know what I can do when I let the beast inside of me roar and let it lose… the results would be unthinkable… but why does never anyone think about the fact that one day – when they’re going on like this, I won’t be able to control myself? And that they’re purely lucky so far I could?


What are you doing in a case like this? What are you doing when you’ve been hurt – and someone tries to make you feel tiny and worthless, insults you and afterwards tries to tell you it’s your own fault and that you should never ever make them go this far again? 



Picture to find at:



This is not going to be a documentary, it won’t be a comic strip itself, it won’t be a presentation… I guess, it will however be interesting. I’d like to introduce you to “Calvin and Hobbes”.

Calvin and Hobbes are a comic strip, invented and drawn for 10 years by Bill Watterson.BillWatterson

Calvin and Hobbes are hilariously funny, wonderfully and lovingly shown and: If I had ever had a kid like Calvin, I probably would have committed suicide.

Calvin is a six year old American Boy, short, blond, convinced by his own importance and genius and he’s a real little pest. He’s bigmouthed and has the vocabulary of an adult. I figure this is part of what makes him so funny. I love the sound of his smart sentences, spoken out by this little innocent looking boy.

Hobbes is Calvin’s bestestest friend. He talks with him, sleeps in Calvin’s bed, helps to kill the monsters under the bed, plays practical jokes with Calvin, he spends Calvin’s entire childhood with him, and never for one second betrays him, even if you think he does. – Oh – and Hobbes – is a stuffed tiger.

Whenever Calvin and Hobbes are amongst themselves, Hobbes becomes a fluffy, self thinking, talkative and on his hind legs standing tiger – whenever Calvin is with his parents or some other person, Hobbes is “just” a stuffed animal.

When I read this comic strip for the very first time, I fell in love with these two and I never lost this very special bond.

Let me show you why I like them so much: THESE are Calvin and Hobbes:





And maybe you will allow me to show the “other” side of Calvin and Hobbes… the one I love so much:





I think, now you start seeing what I mean.

Calvin really tries to be at his best – but it seems the entire world treats him unfairly… This does challenge him to use his fantasy – and believe me: he’s got plenty!

Let me show you what I mean: THIS below, is a regular common snowman, built by a regular child:





and THIS, coming up – are snow creatures, built by Calvin:





Calvin and Hobbes fight, play, do homework – and sometimes they do play something like Baseball, catching, hide and seek, Football, Golf and running all together – called “Calvinball”:





Calvin is a ‘HELL” of a nightmarish boy, so bad, that his parents cannot leave him alone for one minute:





But still: you do have to love them both!! This is not a commercial for anything – and of course not for a comic strip. I just love them – and the grew on me.

1995, after 10 years, Bill Watterson decided to quit illustrating Calvin and Hobbes – and since then, the world is a little bit poorer of a wonderfully warm, funny, fancy and fuzzy boy and his tiger.



Do you have something “childish” you love? Something that you’d like to share? Something that impresses you? Let me hear it please, I’m curious!


Pictures to find at:




Dear Friends,

Today I’ve been talking with a few girls and ladies about their husbands and boyfriends. They all love them wouldn’t give them away or exchange them, they apparently are loving, caring, sweet and nice – but then one word was said, and they ALL started talking to the same time and complaining – and grimacing:








Snoring is a big issue in almost every relationship. And most of the time, I’m afraid, it’s the Guy who snores.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had my last boyfriend – but he has been snoring like a Thunder Machine… How well I remember…

Whenever I complained I was told: “Why don’t you stuff something in your ears?”

Dear Guys: We don’t WANT to mistreat our beautiful little ears because YOU snore! Don’t you know it’s ILLEGAL to be this loud at this time of the night? Your snoring-decibel level is far over the legally allowed limit! We love you – but during the night you’re often in danger to be murdered, believe me!






We want YOU to do something about it since it’s YOU stealing our well deserved sleep! There are so many ways to get help: neurology, nose-releasers, acupuncture, sleep-laboratory, massages, special pillows and if nothing else helps: a tiny painless surgery inside your nose.


Oh well… by thinking about it: with my former boyfriend there was only one thing which would really have helped: decapitation! LOL




My boyfriend of several years is such an angel, he doesn’t snore at all. (And if he does, it’s so discrete, it wouldn’t wake me up). I’m so happy to have found him – and his silent nose. ;-)


Tell me what you do to keep this terrible sound of stolen sleep out of your bedroom. Do you have experience with snoring and what in fact does help against it? Please, let me hear your thoughts.




Pictures can be found at:

Couple in bed:

black and white picture:


What does that word mean? According to a well known source online it means:

Gracefulness, or being graceful, is the physical characteristic of displaying “grace”, in the form of elegant movement, poise, or balance. The etymological root of grace is the Latin word gratia from gratus, meaning pleasing.[1] Gracefulness has been described by reference to its being aesthetically pleasing.

(Thank you Wikipedia)

What does this mean to me? Elegance, power, beauty in movement.

Can I tell you an example? Yes I can.

To me there’s not much more gracefulness than in a Ballerina. The beauty of this kind of dancing to me is nearly leading me to the edge of tears.





The girls and woman dancing ballet to me personify the beauty of movement within a dance.  One of the most beautiful ballets to me is “Swan Lake”. Absolutely stunning.






And there’s something else that has developed the gracefulness of dancing into perfection. Swan Lake, performed by the Guangdong Acrobatic Group of China. It is so amazing, it hardly keeps me in my chair and at least to me it’s impossible to watch this without crying.






Of course there’s different kinds of gracefulness in movement. Ice dancing for example… (at least in my modest opinion).

Some of these ice skaters are unbelievable! Their power and strength within their discipline are extraordinary!




(And yes, this is the inventor of the so called “Biellmann-Spin”, Swiss ice dancer, Denise Biellmann herself.)

I will show you something else I personally find enormously graceful. And this is Martial Arts. Since I do fight within one of its disciplines myself, I will show you a picture of two truly amazing fighters: Jet Li and Jackie Chan in the movie “Forbidden Kingdom”.

The Fight Scenes are powerful, strong, beautiful and so graceful, it’s most of the time hard to watch. My highest respect for these two truly great fighters!



To me and my aesthetical taste, there is something else that shows gracefulness in its perfection: and that’s to find within the movement of animals. Some of them are the God given elegance on earth!



No matter whether they’re swimming, flying or walking… their natural given beauty of their movements make my head spin.















THIS is so unbelievably beautiful. And this is purest Gracefulness, so wonderful, I find no words to describe.




It’s obvious, I figure, that I would love to be graceful… strong, powerful, elegant – and amazingly balanced. I might be a few things: but there’s something to admit: even as a fighter, I never show utmost elegance – I’m more strong, full of inspiration, a bad “jumper”also and I was told I am kind of balanced, but I have never been graceful and elegant. This is clearly visible when I walk, for example.



I figure that’s what I think I look when I walk:



And THIS is how I actually DO look when I walk:


I doubt that there’s much to do about it. But there’s something I will always keep: my utmost admiration the ones who have it: the talent to Gracefulness.

What is graceful to you? Let me know your thoughts.


Pictures to find at:


Swan Lake Australian Ballet:

Swan Lake The Guangdong Acrobatic Group of China:

Ice Dancer:







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