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Hello Elaine,Elaine_Cougler

I want to thank you first of all for your readiness to be part of this interview and permit me to publish it on my blog. I did choose you because I have heard of you before and would like for other people to know you and your writing better.

Would you explain what made you write in the first place?

I have always written in some way and have a lot of projects to my name: two family recipe cookbooks, two books about my childhood and the early years of my marriage, and a children’s story book for my grandchildren. My first published book, The Loyalist’s Wife, was published last June after six years of learning. I think I write as a form of expression but also to create and the fact that I will leave these writings behind is pleasing to me, too.

When did you feel the need to write?

I loved writing in English class throughout my schooling and I loved writing essays in university. After I retired from teaching English, my computer called me more and more as I began to blog and connect with the world in that new way. Writing gave me the opportunity to learn things about myself as I experienced that phenomenon writers mention. As I typed, the words seemed to take over and new ideas streamed out of my brain. They still do and it’s exhilarating!

What is it you like to write the most? Are we talking about articles, short stories, novels…  Please tell us about your writing.

Right now I’m immersed in the second book of the Loyalist trilogy and loving the words, the characters and the whole concept of the beginning of a country through my characters’ eyes. Writing is hard but it gets easier for me if I just keep doing it regularly. Though I’ve come to writing novels late, they are the best writing I’ve ever done and my most favorite, although writing my writing blog is great fun, too.

We all hear about the chances in the publishing world. Old publishing companies are extending their offer from traditional publishing to self-publishing. How do you assess the market in the future?

I’m not sure I can do that. The road to publication is fraught with peril and can be personally defeating. I traveled the traditional road for five years as I brought my novel to the stage where it was ready, queried, learned, queried, learned some more, over and over, until I found clever editors, cover designer, interior designer, and printer. Since I wanted perfection I searched for great people and I found them. The proof of that is I’ll be using them on book two, The Loyalist’s Luck.

As far as the market in the future I feel people will always want stories though the delivery of those stories may change. Authors must keep abreast of the market and be willing to do the marketing. A lot of the courses and books I take and read now are about marketing and it’s great. Just this morning I was lying in bed very early listening to a twenty minute seminar on marketing. I got several new ideas to use.

Would you mind becoming really famous with your writing – like Stephenie Meyer with her Twilight Series or J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter?

I’d like my writing to be known but might not like the notoriety that comes with becoming a household word. I think there’s lots of room somewhere in between notoriety and obscurity.

Do you see any kind of “danger” within this kind of fame – for a writer particularly?

Fame has its flip side for anyone but especially for the young. In this second part of my life, I doubt my personality will change. Rather my desire to shape my own world, as ingrained and practiced as it is, would hopefully serve me well. That being said, once my first book was out I became busy on the speaking circuit and had to refocus on my writing after a while. Now, my two hours of creating every day comes before almost everything else. I need that discipline in the moment in order to achieve my bigger goals.

I personally think by today’s kind of electronic communication many children and young people forget how to write properly. How do you see this?

It’s certainly a danger as what we learn when we’re young, we tend to retain forever. Not so with what I learned yesterday. And certainly the focus on enabling every student to write well has diminished over the last few years. I treasure the fact that I, a lover of words, learned grammar and spelling from a very young age. That being said I, too, like my iPhone, my iPad, and my computer. That techie stuff just enables me to do so much.

Is there any advice you would like to give fellow authors?

Giving advice is tricky because what I’ve learned over my professional life as a teacher and writer is how different we all are as to our makeup. That means different methods work for different people. What keeps me going probably is not what keeps you going. I guess the best advice I’ve ever read for a writer is three little, somewhat cheeky words: ass in chair. Or to steal from Nike: Just do It!

Thank you so much for being part in this! We all really appreciate it!

Thanks so much, Raani, for having me on your blog today. I love any opportunity to think about writing!

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Twitter: @ElaineCougler


dragonbride_low_res_previewYesterday I saw that “Dragonbride”, the first book of “The Dragon Chronicles” earned another 5-star-review.


I am so happy to find out that “Dragonbride” has had such a positive effect on my readers.


The new 5-star-review made my heart jump of joy, just as the others did.


It can of course be fully read here on Amazon or on Goodreads:



In the meantime Amazon has published several quotes from reviewers that fill my heart with pride:


“I love that this book inspires the imagination of younger readers.” KElizabeth
“As the story unwinds, you turn each page with that unexpected thought of what could possibly be next.” Mamie
So I guess I’ll be reading more fantasy, because I can’t wait to read the sequel.” Jacqueline Gum
I am delighted to have enthusiastic readers like this and I appreciate every good word about “Dragonbride” of course!
The Sequel:
I have been asked about it several times already. Here is the information:
The second book of “The Dragon Chronicles” is in editing (and formatting) right now. But of course there is still a lot of work to do, including the new book cover, who should be provided by Howard David Johnson again. He is such an amazing Cover Designer and I am considering myself blessed he had taken the challenge to work with me.
Even though you will meet “the family” again, a new life and a new magical adventure will start. You might ask: Will it still be a “Dragon Book”? And I am going to answer: “You bet it will be.”
At this moment I cannot yet give you a particulare time for the publishing of the second book of “The Dragon Chronicles”. Hopefully it will be early/mid fall 2015.
Books make great gifts:christmas-decorations-9213-1920x1080
8 more days ’till Christmas:
Get this wonderfully magical adventure and hand it over as an amazing gift. You will not “only” give a book – you will take the future owner of this book into a whole new world.
 Christmas-Decoration pic to find at:
(Please respect the copyright of the “Dragonbride”-cover. Thank you)


This year I have been invited to participate on the Indie Author Celebration “12-Days-of-Christmas”, organized by Kathryn Jenkins, owner of “The Dragon Knight Chronicles” Blog.


To be part of this event and eventually get one of the numerous Giveaways provided by the 12 participating Authors, go to her blog and check out the Event on Facebook. – I will be on FB during the day, reply your questions, discuss with you – and will ask for your help. You will see why… :-) Continue reading this post!


Here you can enter to win one of three E-Book versions of “Dragonbride”. Have fun and enjoy the Event!


It will be phenomenal, I’m sure – and I do wish you Good Luck in trying to win the Grand Prize!!



But first of all:



Red-Christmas-decorations-christmas-22228015-1920-1200Please don’t forget, it will be Christmas soon! – Books will make excellent presents. And here you do have a book, the beginning of a Trilogy, a fantasy epos, magical creatures, and a wonderful, unique romance. Don’t miss to hand it out as a gift to celebrate the most wonderful Holiday of the year!!





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Here comes my cry for your help!! This should be fun for you as well as for me:


The second book of “The Dragon Chronicles” is progressing. After re-reading the book, I do like it – but there is a new character, a prince, who will be quite important to the future of the Saga. And I just don’t like his name anymore…


Please help me find another name for him!


What I would need from you is a beautiful male Fantasy first name, starting with the letter “K”. (Please, I’m begging you, refrain from suggesting Kenneth, Keith, Kevin and Kirk – they don’t fit… I tried. *chuckle*) :-)


I please ask you to leave your suggestions in the comment section below. I’d like to collect the list and chose the most intriguing names to start a general voting early next year.


I am very curious what you come up with – and I’d be very grateful if as many of you participate in this “Help Raani find a K-Name” Event – within the Event!!


Thank you so much for your participation!!




What I urgently need to say:




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All other pictures are courtesy of Raani York. Please respect the copyright.

Dear Friends, Followers and Readers,


I have decided to dedicate this one post, “Y is for YOU” to my boyfriend, the man of my heart, the one I love. Today it’s his day, his spotlight. And maybe this post makes you feel like writing a love letter to your partner, wife, husband, girl- or boyfriend might be a really good idea. Go right ahead, I’m sure they’ll be delighted.





Gifs Animados de Amor, Corazones 48

My love,


For a long time now I feel the need to write down what I feel for you.  Yes, I know, if I’d be a real girl, I had written this letter onto pink paper and sent it to you by mail, decorated with lipstick-kisses and a drop of “Chanel No. 5″. But you know me quite well: Would that be me?


And still: There is so much inside of me, that wants to get out: happiness, laughter, smiles, hugs, kisses, confidence, love, fear…


You do make me happy, just by being there for me, whenever I need you! You make me happy by being with me in joy and sadness, to catch me when I fall and help me up when I’m down.  You’re there for me, always, and you do so much for me, I cannot even start to say it all.


You do make me laugh, whenever I’m sad! And you do make me laugh, knowing that I love laughter. You surprise me with your incomparable humor and share laughter with me.


You do make me smile whenever I think of you, whenever I hear your voice, whenever I read a text from you and whenever I am certain that I am in your thoughts as often as you are in mine.


You do hug me as often as it’s possible, well knowing that I search closeness, understanding that I hate the distance between us, showing me that you enjoy touching and hugging me as much as I do enjoy it to be in your arms.


You do kiss me as many times as you can, being aware that I love your kisses, enjoy kissing you, not only because you are a champion in kissing, but because this is one of my ways to show you how much you mean to me.


You do ensure me of your confidence in me, whenever I feel insecure, and I do understand that this confidence is unshakeable, no matter how weak I feel at the time, no matter how many fears are torturing me.


There is so much inside of me that I’d like to tell you, and still: sometimes it seems words are not enough, or there are no sufficient words to express, that you mean the world to me!


After all this time, hearing you, feeling you, even seeing you and being close to you, still make my hands get shaky and my heart beating faster. You are the best man I know and I am proud to be able to call you mine!


Even sometimes I feel my heart and soul overflowing with emotions that not even the lovliest and most ensuring words in the world are enough to express how much I LOVE YOU!!


Just one more thing: Thank you, love. For being a part of my heart, my soul and my life!


I miss you





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Heart Dividers:

Xanthe (pronounced /ˈzænθi/; Greek: Ξανθή, meaning “blond-haired”) is a name with origins in Greek mythology.

In Greek mythology and, later, Roman mythology, the Oceanids (/ˈsənɪdz, ˈʃ(ə)nɪdz/; Ancient Greek: Ὠκεανίδες, pl. of Ὠκεανίς) are sea nymphs who were the three thousand daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys. Each was the patroness of a particular spring, river, sea, lake, pond, pasture, flower or cloud.[1] Some of them were closely associated with the Titan gods (such as Calypso, Clymene, Asia, Electra) or personified abstract concepts (Tyche, Peitho).

One of these many daughters was also said to have been the consort of the god Poseidon, typically named as Amphitrite.[2] More often, however, she is called a Nereid.[3]

Oceanus and Tethys also had 3,000 sons, the river-gods Potamoi (Ποταμοί, “rivers”).[4] Whereas most sources limit the term Oceanids or Oceanides to the daughters, others include both the sons and daughters under this term.[5]

The following are the daughters of Oceanus and Tethys:[2][3][4][5][6]

  1. Acaste
  2. Admete
  3. Aethra
  4. Amaltheia
  5. Amphiro
  6. Amphitrite – usually counted as a Nereid rather than an Oceanid
  7. Anchiroe
  8. Anthracia – one of the nymphs that nursed infant Zeus
  9. Argia
  10. Asia – nymph of the Asian region, sister to Europa
  11. Asterodia[7]
  12. Asterope – mother by Zeus of Acragas, eponym of several ancient cities known as Acragas, possibly including Acragas, Sicily[8]
  13. Beroe
  14. Bolbe
  15. Cleodora
  16. Callirrhoe
  17. Calypso
  18. Camarina[9]
  19. Capheira[10]
  20. Cerceis
  21. Ceto
  22. Chryseis
  23. Clio – not to be confused with the Muse Clio
  24. Clymene – wife of Iapetus
  25. Clytie or Clytia
  26. Crocale – one of the sixty younger Oceanids, attendants of Artemis[11][12]
  27. Daira – mother of Eleusis by Hermes[13]
  28. Dione
  29. Dodone
  30. Doris – wife of the sea god Nereus, mother of the fifty Nereides.
  31. Eidyia or Idyia – wife of Aeetes, mother of Medea
  32. Electra – wife of Thaumas, mother of Iris, Arke and the Harpies; not to be confused with other characters of the same name, see Electra (disambiguation)
  33. Ephyra
  34. Euagoreis
  35. Eudore
  36. Europa
  37. Eurynome
  38. Galaxaure
  39. Glauke – one of the nymphs that nursed infant Zeus
  40. Hagno – one of the nymphs that nursed infant Zeus
  41. Hesione – wife of Prometheus
  42. Hippo
  43. Hyale – one of the sixty younger Oceanids, attendants of Artemis
  44. Iakhe
  45. Ianira
  46. Ianthe – nymph of violet rain clouds or violet flowers
  47. Ithome – one of the nymphs that nursed infant Zeus
  48. Metis – goddess of wisdom, first spouse of Zeus
  49. Mopsopia – Attica was believed to have been previously named Mopsopia after her[14]
  50. Myrtoessa – one of the nymphs that nursed infant Zeus
  51. Nede – one of the nymphs that nursed infant Zeus
  52. Nemesis
  53. Nephele – one of the sixty younger Oceanids, attendants of Artemis; not to be confused with Nephele, goddess of clouds
  54. Ocyrrhoe
  55. Oinoe – one of the nymphs that nursed infant Zeus
  56. Ozomene – in one source,[15] this name substitutes for Electra
  57. Pasithoe
  58. Peitho
  59. Periboea
  60. Perse or Perseis – consort of Helios
  61. Petraea
  62. Phaino
  63. Phiale – one of the sixty younger Oceanids, attendants of Artemis
  64. Philyra – mother of Chiron by Cronus
  65. Phrixa – one of the nymphs that nursed infant Zeus
  66. Pleione – mother of the Pleiades by Atlas
  67. Plexaure
  68. Plouto or Pluto – mother of Tantalus by Zeus
  69. Polydora
  70. Polyphe – in a rare version, mother of Athena by Poseidon[16][17]
  71. Polyxo
  72. Pronoia
  73. Prymno
  74. Psekas – one of the sixty younger Oceanids, attendants of Artemis
  75. Rhanis – one of the sixty younger Oceanids, attendants of Artemis
  76. Rhode or Rhodia
  77. Rhodope
  78. Stilbo
  79. Styx – Oceanid of the river Styx that flowed nine times around Hades; an exceptionally female river goddess
  80. Telesto
  81. Theisoa – one of the nymphs that nursed infant Zeus
  82. Thoe
  83. Tyche
  84. Urania – not to be confused with the Muse Urania
  85. Xanthe
  86. Zeuxo















All right. Thank you, Wikipedia. This was quite interesting. It seems, Xanthe was the 93rd daughter of Oceanus and Tethys and a protector of a spring, creek, lake or similar. – You might ask: “And how is this interesting?” – And I will answer: “I like Greek Mythology, as well do I like Greek Mythology, I urgently needed a word or name with the letter X for my challenge – oh, and did I mention I like Greek Mythology?”

And I LOVE the picutre of course, Thank you very much “meeranuhm”.


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Cleanser commercial

Tonight, relaxing and watching TV I’ve really laughed out loudly seeing a new cleanser commercial.

First you can see the inside of an apartment or house… all white floors, a light beautiful kitchen – chronium plated sink and stove… light pink tiled bathroom… while they show those pictures a soft male voice says: “Footprints”… and you see the dirt on the floor… “Dried fat” and you see a brown crusty stove and sink”… “Dust”… and you see a brown crusty and sandy something in the light pink shower…

And then you see a WHITE dressed housewife kneeling on the ground with a HUGE brush, trying to remove the black dirt from the ground… she’s dirty and sweating and the soft male voice says: “If you’re still using regular cleanser – you’re losing time and energy…” – or something like that… and than they show the NEW BETTER cleanser which removes EVERYTHING within one slight move of one hand and a yellow sponge the size of a quarter…

I started laughing…

Hey: first of all: I’ve tried it: sponges the size of quarters don’t clean that well! *chuckle*

Second: Lady, whoever you are, whatever you do: if you have a house or an apartment looking this dirty – you’re a pig!!




Third: If you start cleaning dressed all in white, it guarantees looking good in a commercial – but it only leads to another commercial showing you the best washing powder because you’re having a hard time getting the stains out of your white clothes… laundry!!!

Come on!! How realistic is this?? Being dressed white to clean your home? LOL – what a joke!

Oh well… maybe I shouldn’t yell that loudly… being dressed only in underwear cleaning the apartment to guarantee that nothing gets dirty probably is a little freaky too, isn’t it? – By the way: the sponge didn’t work! – But the cleanser did! That stuff is GOOD!!

There’s just one thing it doesn’t really remove: cat’s hair!


Pictures to find at:


I am a little annoyed. Busy with Marketing and Promotion for my book “Dragonbride” I more and more find Websites which would list my book for less money – or cheaper than regular – provided I will hand it out like candy – for free!

I do admit, I appreciate anyone’s effort to list my book on their Website – but why should I pay for this service – and not do have any advantage like more sales?

Please, accept that I have been working on this book for hours and hours, for days, weeks and months – I spent money on the cover, I spent money on other things FOR this book – I invested time, heart, blood, tears and tons of nerves and hard work into this book – why shouldn’t this be worth anything?

Is MY time, my effort and my work less worth than anyone elses? Writing is not necessarily recreation! It is time, investment and work! A lot of work, to be precise! – Would you expect an Andy Warhol, a Jason Pollock, a Tim Burton, just to hand out their paintings and pieces of art for free? (Yes… you might say, “you’re not an Andy Warhol, he’s got himself a name”… and you might be right… if I was some artist like him, I’d be a painter…) But honestly: he’s been living off his art and probably didn’t from the very beginning – I doubt he had been giving everything for free, unless he had planned on starving to death…  But let’s not go too deep into that right now…

I will of course start special “Give Aways”… when I feel it’s time to do so ‘ but nobody is going to tell me I have to just “give it away” to everyone, all the time!

When I feel it’s the right thing to do, I will donate some paperbacks of Dragonbride to charity – but nobody tells me when and where!

At this moment I prefer being stubborn: I have always, my entire life been too generous – to everyone – all the time – and was misused so badly I nearly ended up with a bankrupcy on my back. Only thanks to the help of a very nice and helpful person I could spare myself this kind of trouble.

In the meantime I’m “back on track” – and I am not going to give away for free everything I worked very hard for in the past few years!

I will do whatever I can to spread word about “Dragonbride”, the First Book of “The Dragon Chronicles”, but I am not handing it out for free all over the place. I’d like this book to be read, yes. But I, like many other Authors, do appreciate if a reader is showing me reference by spending the few dollars and does think my work is worth it. And showing me to the same time that my time and work is appreciated just as much as any other Author’s.





I therefore hope it is understandable  that I don’t think it is fair to expect from me to just throw this book out like candy, for free to everyone, all the time, permanently. I as well hope it is forgivable that I too, as many other Authors, do appreciate compliments  and the gift of honoring my work by buying my book.

I will get to “Special Weekends” – and so on… but at this moment I’d appreciate the book being known instead of thrown… If I had wanted NOTHING for my work, I could have burnt “Dragonbride” right after publishing…


Book Burning


I really am not sure at the moment if I’m the only one ending up finding “freaky” Websites like this, or if other Authors too experience the same thing?

What are you doing when finding something like this? What do you think? Am I really totally “off” with my request for people buying my book, or are you expecting the same thing? Thank you for leaving your comment – I’m curious!



Picture to find at:

W is for Wings

Processed by: Helicon Filter;Wings… When hearing this word, most of us instinctively think about birds. Of course, they are, after all, what we permanently have right in front of our eyes. (At least some of us… some others forget to SEE them… but that’s another story…)

Birds do own wings. Beautiful wings they use like we use our arms. And birds can do what we never will be able to do: fly. Flying apparently is supposed to be THE wish of every single person on earth… how often have we thought: “I wish I could fly”, and really wanted to just spread our wings and go. And how often we were faced with reality. We can’t do this!

Beautiful, wonderful, amazing birds!







Oh well… some others of us, when hearing “wings”, they instinctively dream about THIS: But I figure, even though I like eating them too… these aren’t really the wings I’d like to write about today.








Of course there are other creatures on Earth being able to fly, except birds: Bats, for example. I’m actually really curious, why most of us first would think about birds wings when we hear flying and “wings”, even though bats wings are just as useful. The building (construction) is the very same… but bats wings just LOOK different… their “leathery” look to many of us is ugly and even disgusting. Still, they’re fascinating creatures. I would think it’s the “look” that some wings are considered to be categorized into the “evil” world… compared to the “feathery” look of birds wings that might be considered “good”. Let me show you an example:





I guess we all can see the difference. See the “feathery” compared to the “leathery” look – add the reputation of either bird (a dove is a symbol of piece) while a bat is considered a symbol of demonic or hellish activity or associated with “dark magic”.

And now let’s get this comparison done – AGAIN:















It is to most people very important to have this guarantee that a symbol doesn’t change and stands for either “Good” or “Evil” all the time. Of course this blog isn’t only written to compare different wings… I’d like to talk about some very special wings: The “Magical” ones. And here again, I’m trying to make different categories: There are all kinds of winged magical creatures, elves, fairies, air gnomes… But at this moment, we will leave the “Butterfly-winged” creatures aside. It would absolutely be possible that I one day write about them… but at this moment I would write about some very, very special, highly magical and extraordinarily spiritual wings…. Yes: THESE:












Now, we could start with one simple question: “Do you believe in Angels?” – And I’m NOT going to do this. To me this would be a highly religious, philosophical and private question, and since I wouldn’t like to be asked anything like this, I’ll spare you as well.

The only thing that is of any interest for me right now is the literary and artistic aspect of Angels and their wings. (You might not be sure whether or not I’ve lost my marbles lately… but believe me, I haven’t. I’m a Fantasy writer… with me, this is a “permanent condition”. In other words: I’m totally me.)

What I’m trying to say is: that the literary world has changed so much within the years, decades, centuries, that Angels and their wings nowadays aren’t a subject anymore that is purely limited to highly religious books, the bible, or church pampleths. Imagine it would be 150 years ago and I’d be writing a book about an Angel Fight and that there were all kinds of Angels, armed, with weapons and fire… I’d be invited to a barbecue, seeing my book and myself burning on the stake… I like grilled stuff – but not necessarily myself…

As for story writing I would say, I’m lucky to live right now – which gives me a lot of freedom to write down a fantasy story of my gusto without thinking it’s necessary to permanently look over my shoulder to avoid decapitation censorship.

Equally to storywriting artwork has changed as well. The times of the biblical ancient angels, asexual, dispassionate and dressed in long night gowns are over…







And YES… they ARE over!! You may call me blasphemic or ignorant, a religion despiser – but nowadays, Angels have changed… they are still beautiful, they still stand for the “Good” – there are still fighting for “The Creator of all Things”, “The True and only Divinity” – or however you’d like to call “IT”. But within this fight, Angels turned into beautiful, strong, Males and Females, sexy, passionate, emotional… they fight their war with weapons, sins, smiles and even different color eyes, skin, hair… whatever… and of course: WINGS!! Their Angel wings!!

I hope you permit me to concentrate on the “Male Angels”, since I’m a woman – and to avoid this blog post turning into 6 feet of descriptions….





In my opinion there are different “categories” of Angels… The Guardians, of course. Wings7

Huge, beautiful Angels, with hearts of Gold… strong, understanding protectors… quite human looking, with different shades of hair and eyes – and many possible wing colors, from winter white down to umbra… They’d do a lot to accomplish their mission: To protect what they had been entrusted with…. Not even too rarely, they fall in love with their “human”… – and their human with them…

Why not? They’re strong, protective, possessive – and stunningly beautiful!

Their wings are extremely special… and part of the protection….











Wings9_GuardianThen there are as well the protectors and teachers. These Angels are mainly occupied with teaching the youngsters, protecting religion and doors to heaven. They’re just as beautiful. Strong, compassionate Angels, protective, caring and smart.

Their wings stay on the white, grey, silver side, their feathers often sparkled with white and silvery spots…






Wings11Then they’re the Death Angels. Their job is it to pick up souls and take them to their “final destination”, either up and down…

They are careful, sharing and caring Angels, cautious and comforting… accompanying souls isn’t exactly an easy job…

Their wing colors go from silver grey over dark umbra, anthrazith, coal color, Midnight blue to black. They fight hard for their emotional control, but are definitely able to let out their own emotions….

They can be very playful since they very often need a balance to their straining, demanding and sad job…















Wings8And then, of course, there are the Warrior Angels. Strong, hard, silent but beautiful and battle tired Angels, protecting Heaven and Earth from Evil, often cleaning bad spots and portals from Demons – and of course supporting the Arch Angels.

The Wings of Angels Warriors are often purely white but still can go to blue and green, teal, purple – even to pink… their colors are the most various. The colors don’t actually show any kind of hirarchy, they’re just coincidence. Angel Warriors are the only Angels that carry wings with golden feathers. No matter what color their wings are, there always golden spots, sign, dots, feathers, even surroundings.

Angel Warriors often protect humans from evil, without the humans even realizing – unless their particularly spiritually sensitive. Even though Angel Warriors hardly ever fall in love with humans, it has been heard of.







Wings15-FireAngel Warriors are sometimes supported by Fire Angels… It seems Fire Angels do have the ability to fight with fire since it’s a significant part of them. Fire Angels aren’t born – they are made….

Rarely it happens, that the sin of an Angels is so significant that they are at the “edge” of being excluded from the Angel Rows… but of course, the Highest court is never cruel and often they do get another chance to prove themselves trustworthy and loyal. As a sign of their status they get the “Seal of fire” and from that moment on do support the Angel Warriors. They do have a hard time fighting, since demons are born in fire and are not easy to be killed by it….

Fire Angels are quite lonely, since during their probation they can’t have contact to neither Angel nor humans. It’s too dangerous. Their wings don’t have colors anymore… they’re made of flames…






And last but not least, there are the Arch Angels… the Cadre of 10 with the 4 highest ranking Arch Angels, the oldest ones… existing since eons of times, since the very beginning… their confidence, trust, loyalty and support of and to the Holy Divinity is impeccable. Their wings are the only ones with a color of purest gold…






angelGabrielGabriel, the Messenger











angelRaphaelRaphael, the Healer














angelUrielUriel, the Counselor
















And Finally ArchAngel Michael, the Prince of all Angel Warriors and Heaven’s Protector


This was my idea of a “wing”-based blog post. *chuckle*. – What do you associate with “Wings”? – Is it birds, bats, Angels? What are “Angels” to you? Or do you think I’m completely off the rocker?



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When friends change

What is it that I feel?


I do have a friend… a very good friend, to be precise. But lately I am kind of wondering what kind of changes are happening with her. I’m not sure whether or not I do recognize her again sometimes.


My friend is beautiful with the slim figure of a pasture branch, even though she had two kids. She has always been very sweet, a beautiful woman, a wonderful caring and considering friend and excellent advisor. I know her for more than half of my life and we’ve became kind of sisters in many ways. She used to have a lot of depth and she hated to befriend superficial people and shied away from them…


When she was much younger she participated in some Model contests and often won shootings and stuff but slowly drifted away from there because she couldn’t stand the lies and false promises and superficiality of the business…


She got married, gave birth to two wonderful girls, got a divorce and re-married later.


She started her career the same way I did – in the office. She started in a lawyer’s office, later worked for two other lawyers as a secretary – and met her second husband at the third job she had… since then she’s working for him – half a day (3 hours a day in the morning). She hasn’t taken any kind of courses or further schools or education – but is strongly convinced she is supposed to earn my kind of money and in her head she isn’t a paralegal but a High Level Executive Assistant as well. (Even though in her office there are 2 people: her husband and herself).


A few years back she has picked up on her Model career. She still has this amazing figure… but I’m afraid since she started applying makeup since the age of 14, used tanning studios since the same age and every summer roasts in the bright sun to show everyone how wonderfully tanned she can become, her skin mirrors her age.

She therefore started going to the beauty doc.

Nobody minds that, the least I do, if there are a few “flaws to fix”… but I’m afraid in the meantime unfortunately in her face there’s nothing to hide anymore. It’s not her beautiful face with the strong character lines anymore. It’s a mask like face with pumped up lips, nearly no expression is possible anymore and when I’m asked whether or not she has had something made, I cannot lie anymore, because it’s just visible, period.


She insists of being a “Best Age Model”, but her shootings become more and more rare… maybe it’s because, as a “best age” model she tries to make herself look much younger than she actually is? She was hired to participate in some minor TV productions where she was supposed to play a woman to laugh about. And she was proud of it!! I was feeling so sorry for her – but seriously… I’m her friend; I couldn’t break her heart and tell her that they only have hired her because they wanted someone ridiculous!!! I am so sad about this development!!

She was sad realizing she was no competition to the models not even half her age and I am somehow asking myself, what in all the world she is thinking?


She has been telling me she is wondering why business starts losing interest – and that she’s not making enough money with that… (and in the meantime her husband works his ass off to make it possible for her to travel all over the place and spend money to go and have shootings that are not really successful without her even realizing it!) Every picture published is so extremely photo shopped she’s hardly recognizable.





Then she’s telling me, she has hardly time to meet me because she’s so extremely busy and her agenda and calendar so full. (Not that I haven’t seen her posting on FB that she’s spent evenings with other women, like a designer she models for – or a makeup artist…)

But I wonder, why her calendar is supposed to be so full when she’s working from 9 to 11:45 am – goes home, cooks and then sits down to post the same pictures over and over and over again… while a cleaning woman is getting her household done.

Once in a while she then travels to another photo shoot without any particular reason or result…

And again, she’s telling me how busy she is that she’s got no time to read my book – or spend time with me… while going out to do whatever after hearing that I’ve published a book, work full time and go to school…


And then… I still love her and I want her to be happy… she’s my friend since I was a Teenager… but for some reason I have no idea what’s happening here… I don’t know what I feel? Am I jealous because she’s got some Guy who’s working his ass off to fulfill her dream that’s most likely never going to become fulfilled, pays a housekeeper while she could easily do her housework herself and pays her plastic surgery because she has no idea she hasn’t even half of my salary to spend? (Compared to my Guy and myself who are connected by nothing else than love?)

Am I jealous of her beauty? Am I sad for losing my friend? Am I angry for her apparently thinking completely out of reality range?

I don’t know!!

I only wish somehow my friend would find back to her wonderful personality and character, find her original path and develop within her inner beauty…

Is this Utopia?

I hope not… I don’t like losing a friend, losing a wonderful heart and an amazing soul…



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Hello Mike,mike-bio-picture-small1

I want to thank you first of all for your readiness to be part of this interview and permit me to publish it on my blog. I did choose you because I have heard of you before and would like for other people to know you and your writing better.


Would you explain what made you write in the first place?

As a kid I read just about every book I could get my hands on. That, and also having a vivid imagination, made the transition to writing my own stories easy. Over time I learned that you can’t be a talented writer without being well read.

When did you feel the need to write?

In grade school I wrote numerous short pieces, comedy skits, fantasy/science fiction scenes, etc. I can’t remember ever NOT wanting or needing to write.

What is it you like to write the most? Are we talking about articles, short stories, novels…  Please tell us about your writing.

I’ve written about thirty novels and have published over twenty of them. The first dozen or so were sword & sorcery, adventure-fantasy, and sword & planet. I’ve also written four horror/ghost stories, and I think these are probably my favorites. It’s a challenge—and fun—to scare people.  One of  my published novels, FREEDOM’S HAND, is a thriller, and quite different from my other works. The premise is that “Hate Never Dies,” as illustrated by a group of neo-Nazis building a concentration camp, modeled after Auschwitz, in the desert of the American Southwest. This takes place fifty years after the end of World War II. Led by an enigmatic man called The Commander, the group—called Freedom’s Hand—is dedicated to eliminating all minorities.

My latest published book is a new historical novel, STONE WOMAN.

We all hear about the chances in the publishing world. Old publishing companies are extending their offer from traditional publishing to self-publishing. How do you assess the market in the future?

The market has changed radically in the recent decade, and these changes seem to be accelerating as we go forward. As an old-school guy, I have trouble keeping up with the impact of social media on publishing. I’m not sure where this will all lead, but I will say this: some years back my former agent, Richard Curtis, wrote an opinion piece called, “Who’s Guarding the Gates?” in other words, who’s reading the countless books that are being self-published to determine if they’re worthy of publication. It was a cautionary shout-out, and so far it has proven to be true. Anyone can self-publish, and accordingly there are a lot of poorly written, poorly plotted stories out there that literary agents or editors at mainstream publishing houses would have rejected after reading a page or two—if that much. Writers think that if they manage to get 80,000-90,000 words down, they’ve written a book, and quality be damned. At best they’ll use family and friends as beta readers. As a writing coach I’ve encountered many examples of this. A professional pair of eyes would have benefited them greatly. It is my hope that, in the future, quality will rise to the surface.

Would you mind becoming really famous with your writing – like Stephenie Meyer with her Twilight Series or J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter?

I would prefer to be “anonymously famous,” selling tons of books but being able to walk around the mall without anyone having a clue as to who I am. My greatest pleasure from writing is having people enjoy my stories.

Do you see any kind of “danger” within this kind of fame – for a writer particularly?

Like anyone in the entertainment business, famous writers are exposed to all manner of crazies at signing events and the like. Most require security. As a “non-famous” writer, I’ve had my share of uncomfortable incidents at book events. There is also the potential for fame going to a writer’s head. Books that they write later in their careers are nowhere near the quality of earlier works—they feel that, what the heck, readers will buy anything with my name on it, so they churn out crap.

I personally think by today’s kind of electronic communication many children and young people forget how to write properly. How do you see this?

They forget how to write, how to read, how to engage socially, etc. The education system is sorely lacking these days. Don’t get me started on this…

Is there any advice you would like to give fellow authors?

If you’re serious about your craft, make every effort to learn it as best you can, and constantly strive to improve yourself. Work with a writing coach or editor to make sure your work is the best it can be. Don’t shortchange yourself. I’ve worked with one of my writers for many years, before she was ever published. Since then she’s had about twenty novels published and has sold gazillions of copies. She would do fine without me, as she’s learned so much. But I still review and edit her books before they go to her publisher.

Thank you so much for being part in this! We all really appreciate it!

My pleasure.

Links: Stone_woman_Mike_Sirota (books)  (blog) (Facebook) (Twitter)


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