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DRAGONBRIDE Cover reveal


Do you remember the DRAGONBRIDE announcement? We’re getting closer!


DRAGONBRIDE is the first book of my Trilogy “The Dragon Chronicles”.

You can see the DRAGONBRIDE trailer here:



Or visit my personal Website:, where you will be able to watch it as you open the Site.





DRAGONBRIDE is planned to be published September 25, 2014.


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But for now, let’s talk about the cover of DRAGONBRIDE:


It was hard to get the DRAGONBRIDE cover. I was searching for an artist for a long time. I met someone who said he could do it. He was recommended by a friend and I was happy and agreed for him to try. The suggestions he made were all right – but they did not meet neither my needs nor did he stick to the descriptions of the protagonist. I was quite disappointed and decided to “call it quits” and look for someone else.


The next “cover designer” who contacted me after finding out I was looking for someone who could design for me, tried to screw me over. Thank God I checked him out online before jumping into something that could have cost me my last shirt. (After I told him to send me his contract, I would show it to my lawyer, I never heard from him again… wonder why?)



The last “try out” was a cover designer who liked what she heard. When I got the first draft I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. The cover was just what I did NOT want. – The perspectives and proportions were completely off – it looked amateurish and cheap. The Guy on the cover was dead-ugly – the only thing that was all right, was the protagonists hair color… The next (and last) draft was a little better – but just not what I had in mind… Here too I had to say, it was better to stop the process to waste no more time; neither the designers’ nor mine.




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And then I was lucky:


By chance and with a little luck I surfed onto the Website of Howard David Johnson, an American Illustrator and Photographer. You will find him at: and Please, check him out, you will love his Fantasy Art. And since that is exactly what I was looking for and I just loved the style of his work, the details and everything else too, I took a deep breathe and sent him an email.


To my great astonishment he liked the idea of my cover and after hearing my description he agreed to do the cover for me. He’s a very nice and understanding man. It took him less time than originally announced. And when I saw the first draft, I literally jumped up and cheered and danced with joy!! You will soon see why.


Howard David Johnson has not only taken every bit of information in my description and used it, he did this in an incomparable and absolutely beautiful kind of way!



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What do you think? Isn’t this just an amazing work? Let me hear your thoughts, please, I’m curious!




These pictures are copyright protected! Please respect this!!

Tomorrow the Cover of DRAGONBRIDE will be revealed. Not only will I show you, what it looks like, I will as well introduce you to the amazing artist!!

Make sure you won’t miss it!!


Check out the trailer. It might give you a hint. :-)




In Memoriam 9/11 – 13 years ago

The past 2 1/2 years my blog exists I have, every single year, published one post which came directly from my heart! And again, this year, 13 years after the tragedy, I want to do so again! I want us all to think back and pray for the victims of 9/11! Not mainly the ones losing their lives within the fire hell, but as well the helpers and supporters who later paid with their life for trying to help, do their work and support!


Together we do think of the victim’s families who had to get along and life without their loved ones, who grief and need our support. Still, after 13 years, a loss is not forgotten nor ever “closed”…


Nothing can replace the ones who had to go, neither in our hearts, nor in the ones of their families.


Those we love, don’t go away

They walk beside us every day,

unseen, unheard but always near,

still loved, still missed, and very dear!


(Author unknown)



Please, listen to this song with me, think of the lost ones and pray that something like this may never ever happen again!!


(Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli  “The Prayer”)

Stand united and make sure that the victims of this terrible day, 13 years ago, will never be forgotten!!




Picture to find at:

Banner picture for those we lost:

Blog Tour hosts needed please!

Bell Buckle, TN

When I was with my sister in spring this year, we drove from Nashville to Atlanta. On our trip from Atlanta back to Nashville, we took a little detour to visit “Bell Buckle”, TN. What a beautiful little city. Some of their houses are renovated and painted like doll houses. It all looks very antique but cute and beautiful. There are tons of Antique Stores, cafes and even a little park right there at the center. Unfortunately the battery of my Samsung phone was down. My picture therefore is limited to a few I picked from the net:





It is indeed very cute there and I would definitely recommend you do visit if you have the chance to. It’s a cute little city there. And yes… I bought something: At one of the Shops called “Southern Charm”, which you’ll find at 29 Railroad Square in Bell Buckle, right opposite of this little shop row here.

Enjoy your stay!


Pictures to find at:

Hello Cherrye,Cherrye Vasquez

I want to thank you first of all for your readiness to be part of this interview and permit me to publish it on my blog. I did choose you because I have heard of you before and would like for other people to know you and your writing better.

Would you explain what made you write in the first place? 

I often felt I had “a way with words” and sensed I should become a published writer/author.

I toyed around with poems and articles with an instinctive intent to express my thoughts. It was a way to cleanse my spirit and share stories about things that bothered me. Such things as littering our beautiful earth God has given us, just to name one pet-peeve.

I believe in journaling from the soul, as one may describe it, but there were times I realized I needed to tweak my words on paper, so as not to offend anyone as I poured out my frustrations as related to the lack of morals/values that some display.


When did you feel the need to write? 

What actually pushed my motivation “button” to publish my first book was when an acquaintance mentioned that my daughter would have psychological problems due to being biracial. I felt that if we actually have people who think this way, it was time to combat that horrible myth.

If children have concerns due to being biracial, or if any should have negative self-identity issues, I’d be sure to write stories to reflect their self-worth using affirmation, empowering and self-fulfilling stories, articles and more.

I want people to realize that I strongly believe biracial children have the same normal every day growing up concerns as any other child regardless of their racial make-up: monoracial, biracial, or multiracial, and especially when parents do their part in parenting wholesomely.


What is it you like to write the most? Are we talking about articles, short stories, novels…  Please tell us about your writing. 

I love writing articles, but it is my desire to publish as many children’s books as I can and add them to my business platform – Books That Sow: Strength, Character and Diversity, DBA. After writing two children’s chapter books, two journals and co-creating a diary with my daughter (who was 10 ½ at the time), I’m now focusing on writing books for a much younger audience.  I am currently concentrating on two manuscript projects. I am having such fun! 



We all hear about the chances in the publishing world. Old publishing companies are extending their offer from traditional publishing to self-publishing. How do you assess the market in the future?

It appears that old publishing companies are doing what they can to remain in the race. The competition is steep, especially since readers are realizing that there are many great authors out there who are self-publishing stellar books that measure-up to books that are traditionally published.


Would you mind becoming really famous with your writing – like Stephenie Meyer with her Twilight Series or J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter? 

Raani, I wouldn’t mind the least bit. I’d be thrilled and quite honored to be in such a position. For me, this would mean that my audiences love my work, books, articles, and much more. I’d continue to write giving fans the tools, ideas, motivation needed to “keep on keeping on.” I’d find multiple ways for letting children and their families realize how extraordinary, unique and talented they are.


Do you see any kind of “danger” within this kind of fame – for a writer particularly? 

No. My attitude is that danger can be everywhere. The only thought comes to mind is to remain humble, thankful and keep giving my fans what they need in an extreme effort to grow, prosper and learn.

Fame shouldn’t change us, but humble us as we remain obliging to our audiences for their time and attention to our book.


I personally think by today’s kind of electronic communication many children and young people forget how to write properly. How do you see this? 

As an educator, mother and now author, I believe we must keep our children well-grounded in effective writing techniques and skills. It is certainly okay to “let their hair down” at times, but they must know the mechanics of proper writing and when to use it.

For me, it’s know more than “code switching” when speaking verbally. I use proper grammar most times, but whenever I want to have fun or play around, I can become pretty relaxed. Well, this is what our children must learn to do. There is a time and place for everything.

It reminds me of moving from a manual typewriter to using word processing on a desk top computer.  I still own my old manually-intensive Sears and Roebuck typewriter, and if I just have to, I have the skills need and know how use that “bad boy.”


Is there any advice you would like to give fellow authors? 

Yes. Be sure to “tighten” your reign within your selected genre. Truly learn who your audience(s) is/are and appeal to them.

When marketing, be sure to target your followers, especially when using social networks, but social networking is only 20% of the work as far as I am concerned.  My job is to get my flyers (information about my work in its entirety),  and my books into the hands of those that can spread the word about ME and my books. This means I must locate and target libraries, bookstores, and toy stores in those cities with the population who appreciate multiculturalism.

As relative to your targeted audiences, know where to send your marketing plans, flyers, and cover letters as relative to your platform topic(s) and genre. These places may or may not be in your local city or state. Research the states which appeals to your market.

This sort of plan takes lots of commitment: time, energy, organization, and money for paper, ink and stamps, but it will pay off one day — I just feel it, and I’m claiming it!


Thank you so much for being part in this! We all really appreciate it! 

It is you who I should be thanking, Raani. When I saw your message asking to interview me on your site, I felt truly honored.

Blessing to you!


Website: http://www.BooksThatSow.comCherrye Vasquez Book

Cherrye S. Vasquez, Ph.D.
Author/Writer of Children’s Books
Books That Sow: Strength, Character & Diversity, DBA
Platform Topics: Diversity & Bullying issues
Author Motto: Love is the key to Diversity

What I try to understand

There are things in this life I just don’t understand.



1. How come there are people this instable that they don’t know hurting other people is not the solution to their own happiness?


2. How come there are people in this world thinking that putting other people down would lift themselves up without realizing that it’s the other way around?


3. How come that the best people in this world do have to die early?


4. How come that Cereal is not healthy at all but dangerous because of all the conservation elements to keep it fresh?


5. How come that there are people that have forgotten how to be nice, how to appreciate small things in life and how to laugh heartily?


6. How come that some daughters don’t get along well with their Moms?


7. How come that everything in life is built around money?


8. How come that so many people don’t understand that the most valuable things in life cannot be paid neither cash nor with Credit Card?


9. How come superficiality is the base too many people build their life on?




10. When I heard a 16-year-old girl sighing yesterday, saying: Oh my! Why does life have to be so difficult and complicated? I wish I was an adult.”  I first laughed. After recovering from laughing and drying my eyes I’m asking myself: What would this girl say in 20 or 23 years after she had faced all the REAL problems in life and figured out that being an adult doesn’t make it easier?


Life isn’t easy, yes, but do we HAVE to make it complicated? Do we HAVE to oversee that there are so many good tings in life and this world?

Do we HAVE to be lonely in the center of 7 Billion people on this earth? And how come I’m so damn depressed lately?

Thinking Angel


Maybe you do have some answers for me? Are there questions like this coming up in your life sometimes? Let me know what you think, please.




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Sam Elliott1Dear Mr. Elliott



Normally I do address letters to celebrities when they seriously get on my nerves, when something they say bothers me, or their behavior stresses me out. (And sometimes I do complain about their fashion or makeup)… Only one within all these letters to celebrities I have written so far, was a positive letter.


Until now…


Since there’s hardly any celebrity I don’t find anything to complain about, it wasn’t easy to think of a star who I couldn’t find anything to criticize. Until I thought of you.


It seems there hadn’t been any scandals around your name (oh well… unless one considers a naked butt in “The Legacy”-movie from 1978 a scandal… but as long as I remember in Mel Gibson’s earlier movies one had to be lucky if he still had his pants on in the second scene… I figure that tells all…)

As a result I therefore would say: no scandals in combination with your name!


To me it as well seems you are a quite character strong man. By the time you had been working together on “The Legacy” you knew your later wife Katherine Ross already, but you had been heard saying:


Sam: “I saw Katharine from a distance back then. I never would have approached a total stranger on the set and I wouldn’t do it now … I first fell in love with Katharine when she did a picture called Shenandoah in the 1960s … Then I loved her in The Graduate. And when we were making The Legacy we had a great time for three months. But she was married then and I would never have fooled around with her.” Source: “‘Prancer’ Star Elliott Has Come a Long Way From Bit Player.” The Post-Standard. 11/24/1989. pg. 39.


Sam: “I was a glorified extra (in ‘Butch Cassidy’) … Me, being an extra, I wasn’t going to accost the leading lady, although I sure watched her work a lot. She was married when we met, and I didn’t see her for almost a year. And then I ran into her one time, and she’d just recently gotten separated. We’ve been together ever since.” Source: Dixie Reid. “An actor’s capital memories.” The Sacramento Bee. 4/9/2006. pg. TK.24.


Reading this I have to say: My highest respect for this kind of attitude, Mr. Elliott! – And of course, congratulations on your wonderful successful marriage! Not very common in Hollywood!


Of course I have to admit I love most of the movies you were in! Asked for your career choices you apparently were saying:


I’m picky, very picky. I wanted to be an actor since I was nine years old and I figured that was only one way to ever have any longevity and that’s to be careful about what kind of work you do. You can work for money, do a lot of whatever comes your way and not have any kind of a yardstick to measure quality by, and people, you know you’ll make a lot of money if you’re lucky, and people will get fed up and sick of seeing you and that’s it onto the next one.


In fact, I have to say, you were never one to show up “too often” – and I personally think your “pickiness” when it comes to your movie choices, made sure that people never get sick of seeing you!

When you show up in a movie it’s a special experience and when it comes to me, I know, seeing you in a movie role, I know I’ll get to see a really special and unusual character!

And now, I guess, I’ll be getting to a point, where I’m throwing around compliments. A few of your trademarks are your deep, commanding voice, your grey hair and thick mustache.


Even though I know a few women who aren’t the biggest fans of thick mustaches (and neither am I – unless it’s your mustache, by chance) I have to admit: it is part of you and gives you this unique “Cowboy/Biker”-Look.


To me, you belong to these rare men, who gain a lot with the age! What I want to say is: When you were younger, you seemed to be “just one of many” good looking Guys in Hollywood”….




Sam Elliott2





But now, being a little older, you not only seem to be more man (compared to “boy”) you as well got one thing that many don’t have and will never be able to buy: Charisma!! 




Sam Elliott3




And this, Mr. Elliott, is unaffordable and makes you, who you are. A unique incomparable character!


I do wish you Good Luck for your future!


All the Best




Pictures to find at: (from the top)





What a word!!!

What a logo!!!




I would have been impressed by the sound of it – if it hadn’t been served as a meal in a restaurant, looked normal, smelled weird and I got distrustful. Since I never eat anything I cannot identify and don’t know where it comes from, I’m generally very careful!


It looks like Spaghetti-meat… but what exactly is it?


Wikipedia says it is made of the fungus Fusarium venenatum, in plain English: a “mushroom”, discovered first in the U.K.. teaches us following:


The fungus is grown in a fermenter on a continuous cycle. It lives in a nutrient solution of glucose and ammonium salts. A filter removes the hyphae. They are then washed and pasteurised. Natural flavourings are added. Quorn™ is a fibrous, low fat product which contains 44% protein. It is often used as a meat substitute because the thready mycelium has a stringy texture like meat fibres.


This means, vegetarians worldwide have accepted Quorn as low fat meat replacement which contains high protein.


I’m telling you what it did to me:


After eating this “fungus” (which at least to me tastes quite boring)… I felt fine – until after 30 minutes after the meal when I felt nauseated. 5-10 minutes later I had to run to the bathroom… and believe me: the diarrhea not only kept me in the darn restroom for more than 1 hour – I as well had the Quorn going through my head twice. I spit like poor Regan McNeil in misty prehistoric times….





Let’s say…. since that day I know I don’t do well with eating “fungi” filtered from soil – unless they’re called “champignons” and grow out of a damned pizza!!!



I too have to admit that I do in general warn people (in particular meat eaters) to be careful with Quorn if they don’t know how they do react on fungi.


Not long ago a guest from another country asked me what Quorn is… – Believe me – I hadn’t so much fun in a long time than while explaining “what it is”…


My reply: Quorn is an animal that for a long time was thought to be extinct. Quorn belongs to the same biological family than the Quuug. The Quuug is a very cute and cuddly looking animal with a soft nature, about the size of a Dachshund, but much more “oval” in their entire figure. They were know for their lively colors but most of them had different shades of happy turquoise. Of course they were  related to the common fluffy toilet seat.



Flauschiger Toilettensitz

Unfortunately they were too slow to make it to Noah’s Ark on time – and we’ve lost a wonderful pet.


Of course there were a lot of people laughing…


But I can’t help myself… why does my story sound so much better than the Quorn being a “fungi”? *sigh*



Pictures to find at:

Quorn logo:

“Exorcist picture”:

Toilet seat:

Thursday, August 21, 2014Jake1


Dear diary,


In the meantime it’s August. The days are getting cooler again, even though I don’t like it – but nobody asks me… Mommy plays with us as often as she can…

Esme got sick and won’t be able to fully recover again. She has to take daily medication. And sometimes Mommy is “fighting” to “smuggle” her pills into her food. In the meantime it works quite well…



Esme is grateful – and decorates the house with her presence: in book shelves:





and on Mommy’s desk when she’s working:





and on packages that are prepared to be sent off:






Charlet is a real sweetheart. She takes care of Esme, but most of the time ignores me. But sometimes Mommy laughs because it looks like Charlet is guarding us:





A few days ago Mommy has made cupcakes again… they looked great. I wanted to steal one – again. But it took me too long to chose and that’s when Mommy caught me. She lectured me since they apparently were lemon cupcakes and she said they aren’t good for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t even try and had to go into hiding without one of the cakes.

But I have to say: They did look good:






But Mommy said, worst thing I’ve ever done was today! When she got up this morning I didn’t feel well AT ALL… I didn’t want to eat and had a hard time breathing and I felt like throwing up… and a while later I spit something dark right in front of her feet. She looked at that thing and then panicked!

She immediately called the vet and screamed into the phone that she’ll drive by immediately with me! She told them I had eaten one of her hair rubber bands…

(Uhm… I’m not really sure what it was supposed to be, but after swallowing it tasted disgusting… and then I tried to get rid of it)

The vet said I had probably swallowed it during the night sometimes and that they have to first find out where it sits, there would be a small chance they could get it out without surgery. She said eventually it wasn’t in my stomach but by trying to throw it up the stomach acid has started to dissolve the rubber… they kept me and Mommy went to work. She said she really had a hard time concentrating.

At first she called the vet every 45 minutes until they finally told her in self defense that they WILL IMMEDIATELY inform her as soon as I will be okay.

Mommy called a lady neighbor who agreed to pick me up as soon as they’d allow it.

Shortly before lunch time Mommy got the call and they told her everything was okay. They had to anaesthetize me to get the pieces of this thing out of me. The lady neighbor picked me up as soon as I woke up and took me home.

When Mommy finally came home from work, I was soooooo HUNGRY. (Oh well… I couldn’t eat in the morning, after all…)

Esme got her medication, hidden, as usually, and I got normal food, as usually… and then I cuddled with Mommy.

And at the end I thought Mommy’s zen-garden needed my urgent attention… this is important – after all I was going through terrible things and needed calming… besides: what else is it here for, right?


























And now I’m quite tired… I think with writing my diary I have fulfilled my duty, right?

Good Night.




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