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Sam Elliott1Dear Mr. Elliott



Normally I do address letters to celebrities when they seriously get on my nerves, when something they say bothers me, or their behavior stresses me out. (And sometimes I do complain about their fashion or makeup)… Only one within all these letters to celebrities I have written so far, was a positive letter.


Until now…


Since there’s hardly any celebrity I don’t find anything to complain about, it wasn’t easy to think of a star who I couldn’t find anything to criticize. Until I thought of you.


It seems there hadn’t been any scandals around your name (oh well… unless one considers a naked butt in “The Legacy”-movie from 1978 a scandal… but as long as I remember in Mel Gibson’s earlier movies one had to be lucky if he still had his pants on in the second scene… I figure that tells all…)

As a result I therefore would say: no scandals in combination with your name!


To me it as well seems you are a quite character strong man. By the time you had been working together on “The Legacy” you knew your later wife Katherine Ross already, but you had been heard saying:


Sam: “I saw Katharine from a distance back then. I never would have approached a total stranger on the set and I wouldn’t do it now … I first fell in love with Katharine when she did a picture called Shenandoah in the 1960s … Then I loved her in The Graduate. And when we were making The Legacy we had a great time for three months. But she was married then and I would never have fooled around with her.” Source: “‘Prancer’ Star Elliott Has Come a Long Way From Bit Player.” The Post-Standard. 11/24/1989. pg. 39.


Sam: “I was a glorified extra (in ‘Butch Cassidy’) … Me, being an extra, I wasn’t going to accost the leading lady, although I sure watched her work a lot. She was married when we met, and I didn’t see her for almost a year. And then I ran into her one time, and she’d just recently gotten separated. We’ve been together ever since.” Source: Dixie Reid. “An actor’s capital memories.” The Sacramento Bee. 4/9/2006. pg. TK.24.


Reading this I have to say: My highest respect for this kind of attitude, Mr. Elliott! – And of course, congratulations on your wonderful successful marriage! Not very common in Hollywood!


Of course I have to admit I love most of the movies you were in! Asked for your career choices you apparently were saying:


I’m picky, very picky. I wanted to be an actor since I was nine years old and I figured that was only one way to ever have any longevity and that’s to be careful about what kind of work you do. You can work for money, do a lot of whatever comes your way and not have any kind of a yardstick to measure quality by, and people, you know you’ll make a lot of money if you’re lucky, and people will get fed up and sick of seeing you and that’s it onto the next one.


In fact, I have to say, you were never one to show up “too often” – and I personally think your “pickiness” when it comes to your movie choices, made sure that people never get sick of seeing you!

When you show up in a movie it’s a special experience and when it comes to me, I know, seeing you in a movie role, I know I’ll get to see a really special and unusual character!

And now, I guess, I’ll be getting to a point, where I’m throwing around compliments. A few of your trademarks are your deep, commanding voice, your grey hair and thick mustache.


Even though I know a few women who aren’t the biggest fans of thick mustaches (and neither am I – unless it’s your mustache, by chance) I have to admit: it is part of you and gives you this unique “Cowboy/Biker”-Look.


To me, you belong to these rare men, who gain a lot with the age! What I want to say is: When you were younger, you seemed to be “just one of many” good looking Guys in Hollywood”….




Sam Elliott2





But now, being a little older, you not only seem to be more man (compared to “boy”) you as well got one thing that many don’t have and will never be able to buy: Charisma!! 




Sam Elliott3




And this, Mr. Elliott, is unaffordable and makes you, who you are. A unique incomparable character!


I do wish you Good Luck for your future!


All the Best




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What a word!!!

What a logo!!!




I would have been impressed by the sound of it – if it hadn’t been served as a meal in a restaurant, looked normal, smelled weird and I got distrustful. Since I never eat anything I cannot identify and don’t know where it comes from, I’m generally very careful!


It looks like Spaghetti-meat… but what exactly is it?


Wikipedia says it is made of the fungus Fusarium venenatum, in plain English: a “mushroom”, discovered first in the U.K.. teaches us following:


The fungus is grown in a fermenter on a continuous cycle. It lives in a nutrient solution of glucose and ammonium salts. A filter removes the hyphae. They are then washed and pasteurised. Natural flavourings are added. Quorn™ is a fibrous, low fat product which contains 44% protein. It is often used as a meat substitute because the thready mycelium has a stringy texture like meat fibres.


This means, vegetarians worldwide have accepted Quorn as low fat meat replacement which contains high protein.


I’m telling you what it did to me:


After eating this “fungus” (which at least to me tastes quite boring)… I felt fine – until after 30 minutes after the meal when I felt nauseated. 5-10 minutes later I had to run to the bathroom… and believe me: the diarrhea not only kept me in the darn restroom for more than 1 hour – I as well had the Quorn going through my head twice. I spit like poor Regan McNeil in misty prehistoric times….





Let’s say…. since that day I know I don’t do well with eating “fungi” filtered from soil – unless they’re called “champignons” and grow out of a damned pizza!!!



I too have to admit that I do in general warn people (in particular meat eaters) to be careful with Quorn if they don’t know how they do react on fungi.


Not long ago a guest from another country asked me what Quorn is… – Believe me – I hadn’t so much fun in a long time than while explaining “what it is”…


My reply: Quorn is an animal that for a long time was thought to be extinct. Quorn belongs to the same biological family than the Quuug. The Quuug is a very cute and cuddly looking animal with a soft nature, about the size of a Dachshund, but much more “oval” in their entire figure. They were know for their lively colors but most of them had different shades of happy turquoise. Of course they were  related to the common fluffy toilet seat.



Flauschiger Toilettensitz

Unfortunately they were too slow to make it to Noah’s Ark on time – and we’ve lost a wonderful pet.


Of course there were a lot of people laughing…


But I can’t help myself… why does my story sound so much better than the Quorn being a “fungi”? *sigh*



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Thursday, August 21, 2014Jake1


Dear diary,


In the meantime it’s August. The days are getting cooler again, even though I don’t like it – but nobody asks me… Mommy plays with us as often as she can…

Esme got sick and won’t be able to fully recover again. She has to take daily medication. And sometimes Mommy is “fighting” to “smuggle” her pills into her food. In the meantime it works quite well…



Esme is grateful – and decorates the house with her presence: in book shelves:





and on Mommy’s desk when she’s working:





and on packages that are prepared to be sent off:






Charlet is a real sweetheart. She takes care of Esme, but most of the time ignores me. But sometimes Mommy laughs because it looks like Charlet is guarding us:





A few days ago Mommy has made cupcakes again… they looked great. I wanted to steal one – again. But it took me too long to chose and that’s when Mommy caught me. She lectured me since they apparently were lemon cupcakes and she said they aren’t good for me. Unfortunately I couldn’t even try and had to go into hiding without one of the cakes.

But I have to say: They did look good:






But Mommy said, worst thing I’ve ever done was today! When she got up this morning I didn’t feel well AT ALL… I didn’t want to eat and had a hard time breathing and I felt like throwing up… and a while later I spit something dark right in front of her feet. She looked at that thing and then panicked!

She immediately called the vet and screamed into the phone that she’ll drive by immediately with me! She told them I had eaten one of her hair rubber bands…

(Uhm… I’m not really sure what it was supposed to be, but after swallowing it tasted disgusting… and then I tried to get rid of it)

The vet said I had probably swallowed it during the night sometimes and that they have to first find out where it sits, there would be a small chance they could get it out without surgery. She said eventually it wasn’t in my stomach but by trying to throw it up the stomach acid has started to dissolve the rubber… they kept me and Mommy went to work. She said she really had a hard time concentrating.

At first she called the vet every 45 minutes until they finally told her in self defense that they WILL IMMEDIATELY inform her as soon as I will be okay.

Mommy called a lady neighbor who agreed to pick me up as soon as they’d allow it.

Shortly before lunch time Mommy got the call and they told her everything was okay. They had to anaesthetize me to get the pieces of this thing out of me. The lady neighbor picked me up as soon as I woke up and took me home.

When Mommy finally came home from work, I was soooooo HUNGRY. (Oh well… I couldn’t eat in the morning, after all…)

Esme got her medication, hidden, as usually, and I got normal food, as usually… and then I cuddled with Mommy.

And at the end I thought Mommy’s zen-garden needed my urgent attention… this is important – after all I was going through terrible things and needed calming… besides: what else is it here for, right?


























And now I’m quite tired… I think with writing my diary I have fulfilled my duty, right?

Good Night.



Over the years I have interviewed many people, all unique and very special to me in lots of different ways and I hope those reading these interviews gain as much from them as I have.

Having said that I must also add that over the same period other people have given me lots of ideas and suggestions for potential interviewees, some of which I go on to include and others I have had to dismiss as too outlandish even for my regular readers.

It is to one of those suggestions that I now turn, and I still cannot believe I am doing this.  An Internet friend of mine, Merlin Fraser, some of you may remember I interviewed him a short while back.  Well it came to my attention that he is struggling to bring his latest book ideas to market and I offered to help by giving his new creation a gentle push in the right direction.

Not unnaturally he welcomed my offer but suggested that instead of re interviewing him why not interview some of the book characters instead.

Now I have to admit that to do this would be quite a departure for me, I mean how do you interview a fictional character ?  What questions should I ask and while we are at it, who is going to supply the answers ?

With his usual calmness Merlin assured me that that would not be a problem because the characters he had short listed for the interview wouldn’t need too much encouragement and in all probability would more than likely end up interviewing me.

There was one other thing I hadn’t fully understood, at the time, that this was going to be a live interview rather than me sending them a list of questions which they would answer and then send back.

How did I discover the interview was going to be live ?

Well the answer to that arrived the other day as a smallish plainly wrapped package with a return address somewhere in deepest darkest England.

Inside the package was, what looked like four small, multi-coloured balls of fluff and a note saying;

“Hi Raani, please take care of these guys,  don’t worry they don’t eat or drink just keep them warm and away from water.”   It was signed your pal Merlin. Oh yes there was three XXX’s as well.

Does that sound a bit Gremlinish too you ?  I have to admit feeling a shiver run up my spine as I read the note.

Not knowing what to make of all this I tipped the box up and out tumbled my new guests.  There was a smallish yellow one, a green one slightly bigger, a pink one, slightly bigger again and finally one whose colours were beyond description and was the biggest of them all.




























To my utter astonishment as I looked down at my table top I could swear the yellow one winked at me.   Then it did it again only this time it added “Wottcher, I’m Floater and Merlin sends his best…. Best what he didn’t say ….!”

I must have stared back in complete dumb amazement because the little yellow ball of fluff spoke again.  “ Don’t want to be rude or nothin’ but you might want to turn Margot and McFluff the right way up or all the dust will run to their ‘eads.  Margot’s the pink one by the way, and McFluff is the big ugly one at the end.”

I’m fairly sure that by now my mouth was working, still not sure anything intelligent was coming out, however I remember at the time I was just glad I was alone and there was no one to see me apparently talking to four bits of fluff on my kitchen table.

“W-ho…” I coughed and started again,  “ who are you ?”

Again the little yellow one answered, I think he/she/it must have been the spokesperson.  “Sorry, didn’t I say ?  I’m Floater, the green un is Dingle, he’s Irish and his mouth will get goin’ in a minute.    Margo is the pink one, she is French and last and by no means least is McFluff, the hairy Highlander from somewhere in the Highlands… that’s Scotland I think.”

My brain was still not fully operational, Yes…Yes…Yes that much I got, but WHO are you and why are you here ?”

“We’re Dust Bunnies” they said in unison,  “and we’re here for the interview” said Floater.

I thought ‘Oh…My…God !    Merlin I’m going to Kill you…’  Least ways I hope I only thought it, who knows what a riled up Dust Bunny is capable of let alone four of them.

“Oh that,”  I stammered, recovering my wits quickly, “sorry I wasn’t expecting you so soon.”   ‘Or at all I thought.’

This was getting silly, and I’m fairly sure I said so at the time, I mean whoever heard of anyone interviewing a fictional character from a book ?  Plus the thought crossed my mind that as a serious writer with a good reputation did I actually want to go down in history as the first to ever do such a thing ?

Fair enough, the idea of achieving a recognised first in literature sounds a pretty cool thing to do, the honour, the prestige, the accolades… I could feel my will power sagging.  But  Come On !  The very first fiction characters interviewed ever, ever, were Dust Bunnies !  Not to mention the fact that it would have my name all over it  Oh My God… my mind returned to my original thought ‘Merlin  I’m not only going to kill you I’m going to do it slowly and have fun while I do it.’

Of course I could still do it, the interview I mean, save face as it were, but do it anonymously or under an assumed name like Merlin Fraser… but wait if it worked he’d get all the credit, the prestige, etc. etc.

While all this was going on inside my head I must have appeared comatose to my small guests, not that my moment of confused delirium was allowed to last.  I think I was on the second chapter as to how I was going to make Merlin Fraser’s life a living hell when a strange accented voice broke the silence.

“Ye Ken lassie none of us is getting any younger sitting here so if ya dinna mind can we get on we the interview ?”

Then a Irish voice joined in, “Interview is it, never in me life… Stuck in a small dark box with the three of you for days on end without so much as a by your leave I’ll have you know.”

“Oh pipe down you green hasbeen, can’t you see we are kinda freakin’ the lady out here.”

“Mais oui, mon little Cherrie, it is strange for an Oomin to meet a Dust Bunny for zee premiere time No ?”

At last, I thought, someone that understands the situation that what is happening here is freaking me out.  Trouble is did it have to be a tiny ball of pink fluff with a French accent ?

Deep breaths… take charge… you can do this…take control of the situation… ask them a question ?   “So, what do you think of your first trip to America ?”

Silence, no worse than that, stunned silence,  “ Wot’s America ?”

I think it was Floater, the little yellow one that asked.  I couldn’t believe I’d asked such a dumb question, how could they answer they’d been shut up in a box until ten minutes ago.

The green one responded,“ Not what, you ignorant little Dust Bunny… Where…!”

“OK you green whatisit, Where is America ? Bet you don’t know any more than I do.”

Dingle, who is the green one answered him, “now that’s a bet you’ve just lost Floater me little darlin’ boy.  You remember in the nursery there’s a sort of ball thing that Maggie told us was the world.  She showed us where we were and pointed out a few other bits as well.   As I recall there’s two Americas a north bit and a south bit.”

“So which bit are we in ?” McFluff, the Scottish one, asked.

“Now how would I be knowin’ that, I ask you, haven’t I been in the box with you all this time. Isn’t it bad enough when Floater asks daft questions without you startin’ as well.”

“OK ! Enough already,” I said, trying to regain control, “if it helps you’re in California…”

“ Ahh !” Sighed Margot, “ ‘Ollywood n’est-ce pas magnifique?’’

‘‘The land of Fruit and Nuts !”

“Floater be nice laddie,” the tone of the Scottish accent sounded menacing, even to me, and I was big enough to blow them all off the table.

Try again, “You mentioned Hollywood so do you think that’s why Merlin sent you here so you could try and break into movies ?”

Dingle said, “the movies now is it ?”

“Widdna put it past him, yon Merlin laddie dis have some weird ideas that’s fer sure,” added McFluff.

“Yeah Go Merlin,” yelled Floater who suddenly got all serious, “wait a minute who’d they get to play me ?  I mean they could get that Shrek bloke to play Dingle, he’s the right colour, then we got that Sean Connery bloke he sounds a bit like McFluff  but what about me?”

Then Margot put in her two cents, “or me,” mon Cherrie, it would ‘ave to be a ballerina of extreme beauty and elegance non ?”

I cleared my throat noisily to bring them back to reality, ‘Reality!  Who am I trying to kid…  “Excuse me, I think Merlin is thinking more along the lines of animation here.”

“Annie Who ?”  Asked Floater.

‘Oh Good grief !’   “Animation, not Annie Mation, it’s a movie where everything is drawn as a series of moving pictures, it wouldn’t be real actors but  I suppose they would use your voices.”

Margot asked, “but would we still get to go on ze red carpet with ze rest of the stars ?”

I shook my head sadly, “I don’t think Margot, sorry but that wouldn’t be possible you see they have a whole lot of big brushes and a whole army of vacuum cleaners to keep it clean.

“Oover has an Army over here ?”  I could hear the panic rising in Dingles voice.  I know change the subject.

“So tell what other weird ideas does Merlin have for you guys ?”

It was Dingle, the green one who took up the story, “well let me see now, you probably know he got  our Oomin friend Maggie to tell him all of her adventures.”

“Which he got wrong…” chimed in Floater, “he always managed to make out that it was me who got Maggie into trouble and  it was her that got us out of it.”

“Is that right now ?”  Replied Dingle, “and who was it that told the whole Dust Bunny world to expect a visit and presents from someone called Santa Clause may I ask ?”

McFluff joined in, “or made fun of yon magician ‘The Great Fluffini’ who challenged you to a magic contest.”

“Which I won…If you remember,” cried Floater.

Then it was Margot’s turn, “Non ! As I recall was it not Mamselle Maggie who made it all possible.”

This was taking forever, “so what happened to all these stories ?” I asked.

“Beats me, said Floater, I gave him my version, that’s all I know.”

Dingle thought for a minute, “didn’t Maggie say he was wanting to get some drawings done, something about no one would believe it without pictures.”

I know how they would feel !  Here was me sitting here looking at them and listening to them bickering and I still didn’t believe it.

“Well then before I send you back is there anything you want to do or see while you are here ?”  Although I knew it was a mistake to ask as soon as I heard myself saying the words.

“Disneyland”, enquired Floater, they are bound to have a special place dedicated to Dust Bunnies.”

“Not yet,” I replied “Well not as far as I am aware…that is,” I added to soften the blow.

“Per’aps we could just meet some local American Dust Bunnies” offered Margot.  I must admit I was warming to her, she seemed more… shall we say sensible then the other three.

Floater burst into life “Cowboys !”

“Excuse me!” I replied.

“Any Dust Bunny cowboys around” he asked.

I replied, “Sorry…wrong State.

“How about your own Dust Bunnies?” asked Dingle, a little bit too matter of fact for my liking, as if he was suggesting that my house was full of them.

I stuttered…“I’m not sure there are any around here,” I stammered trying to keep the indignation out of my voice.

“Bound to be,” replied Floater while the other three just nodded their agreement.  “Tell ya what just pop us under your bed or somewhere darkish and we’ll take a look for ourselves, won’t take us long.”

I have no idea if I was shocked at the suggestion or horrified at what they might find under my bed, or anywhere else for that matter.  However as I had by now completely run out of ideas or excuses I did what they requested.

Time for a strong brew of coffee to steady the nerves, maybe even something stronger, my day had turned weird with a capital ‘WE’ and I had the feeling it wasn’t over yet.

As time passed by and nothing strange had happened I started to relax, a bit, and wonder if what had occurred had just been a silly dream or something.  Then out of corner of eye I spotted movement, nothing life threatening you understands but something moved.   As I looked closer and focused I saw it, or him, or them… I don’t know how to describe it, he was back.  It was Floater, the little yellow one, only this time he wasn’t alone I noticed he was in the company of a fairly sizable spider, that’s the Dust Bunnies favourite mode of transport, apparently.


“Wottcha, told ya we wouldn’t be long, this is Claude by the way.”

“P-l-e-a-s-e-d- t-o- m-e-e-t- you… I’m sure.”

Floater continued, “the others are ready to come back if you wouldn’t mind going to fetch them that is.”

Why are the British always so darn polite, makes it almost impossible to refuse them anything so like an idiot off I plod to fetch his palls?  To my utter horror not only were they there but they seemed to have rounded up some local company.

Back on the kitchen table once more there is a round of introductions, I apparently play host to Lula belle, Fluffbert and one called Henry, ‘Ooray to his friends.

Images of me spring cleaning this place from top to bottom flood my mind, but I smile and bid them welcome as if this was something quite normal for me.

Anyway, after a fun half hour or so I was expecting to be asked to put the local back where I’d found them under my bed, as if !   I had also noticed that Claude, the spider had disappeared, sensible little fellow.

But No, seems that my day was indeed going to get even weirder after all.  I was about to get involved with the first International Dust Bunny tourist agency.  Apparently Lula belle and co were going to England for a vacation and all I had to do is put everybody back in the small box and post it back to where it came from.

Not a problem, was I little too enthusiastic, did I make their little heads spin?….Shame !

As I closed the lid Floater asked, shall I give your love to Merlin when we get home ?”

“No..That’s alright, I’ll do that myself….but thank you for the kind thought..BYEEE !”





Now where’s that Vacuum Cleaner……DB51_OOVER












Courtesy of Merlin Fraser:

One day I had an intense conversation with some Guys… two of them are married – one isn’t… and: he’s asking himself why!



This alone wouldn’t be unusual… some people have no idea why they don’t find their significant other! I’m glad I could stop asking myself this question a while ago… but that’s only a detail.



So I asked him about the women he likes… what kind of woman is in his head for him to fall in love with her.



First of all – he mentioned her looks! Which tells me a lot – but apparently it’s only us women who figure the “inside” and Character of a man is just as important… but let’s get back to this Guy.



“I want her tall, slim with the figure of a Model – perfect legs and fitness body – long hair – blond or red, blue eyes, beautiful white teeth and a perfect smile. Good taste and at all times she needs to be perfectly trimmed, with beautiful hairstyle and excellent makeup.”



How about her intelligence? – “Oh – that’s not too important.” – Which made me say: “Probably not – if she’s too smart she won’t take you!” – “WHAT?”



While he was hanging in his chair, stunned of shock I finally told him the cold hard truth:



“Have you had a look into the mirror lately?” – “What?” – “Fact is, when I look at you, here is what I see: A Guy who’s hanging in his chair, almost asleep and smelling from beer… a Guy whose shirt is buttoned up the wrong way and is at least one size too small because over his beer-belly the buttons can hardly keep the material together… a Guy whose zipper is half open and whose socks are about 20 years old – whose sneakers are ready for the trash can and who has probably showered two days ago and washed his hair last time about two weeks ago… a Guy who doesn’t give a damn how he looks – is sloppy and disinterested in anything but picking up a Model…”




He started getting embarrassed. But then I told him: “You know… not only men want to be proud of their partners – women want that too! – And YOU are nothing to be proud of – the way you’re sitting here.”


I will have to make one thing clear here: Nobody in the right mind is screaming about a couple pounds too much on the ribs! I don’t care either!! But that doesn’t mean, it’s an excuse for sloppiness and missing showers… clean clothes and a little care will help!


After I was so mean that day I started thinking… have I done the same thing? And I knew: NO I haven’t. I’m as fit as I can be, I take care of what I eat, when and how often I work out – I shower up to three times a day, I wash my hair all the time, my makeup is up to date and I’m a Sweetheart…  (and of course, what I love most about myself is my modesty. ;-) LOL)


I did not want what I couldn’t get… and that’s what I got: The sweetest, most loving and caring man a girl can have. And he loves me just the way I am. And I love him too. More than anything else!


I’m sooooo sad I’m too short for a Model… hehehehe…



What do you think is it that make so many people remaining single, even though they would love to find their partners? Is it, because they’re looking at the wrong place – or for the wrong person? Because of looking “the wrong way”? Or expecting too much? Please, let me hear your thoughts, I’m curious!





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Writing process World Blog Hop

I was invited to join the writing process world blog hop by Jennifer Davies, who has published her post today as well.


I am a wife, and I have been married for eighteen years to my best friend. I am a mother to four boys who are a constant source of surprise and who always fill me with pride. My biggest pleasure is reading and through that I developed a passion for writing about all things to do with romance. Writing has been the greatest challenge so far in my life, and I hope to continue crafting stories that people want to read until I’m old and grey and even then some. I am an introvert by nature, and I love nothing more than knowing I have the day before me to write, and I take the opportunity whenever I can. I love my life and feel I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing. Cheers for jumping up to this and I hope you see some followers coming through!

A Writer’s Journey to Publication and Beyond!


A Writer’s Journey to Publication and Beyond!
This blog is about the journey from being a novice romance writer to author and beyond! Don’t let anyone stop you living the dream that you have for yourself!




About me:

question 1) What are you working on?

For a few years not I’m working on “The Dragon Chronicles” Trilogy. The first book “DRAGONBRIDE” is about to be published. I am hard working on a September publishing and hope it will happen!

The Trilogy is a Fantasy story for Young Adults. Easy to read and I think, quite entertaining, interesting and thrilling.


question 2) How does your work differ from others in your genre?

From what I heard and read a lot of writers use plans to build their books and stories. The draw a plot, file cards of their characters, plans, relations, connections and so on. I don’t do this and feel a little “alone” with my work habits.


question 3) Why do you write what you write?

I tried to write thrillers, mystery, History Romance and even “a true story” about someone I know. But neither of them worked for me. It wasn’t the writing I felt “home” in. I only knew: there must be something else. And then the idea for a fantasy story formed in my head and I knew I had found it.


question 4) How does your writing process work?

I take a paper note pad and a black ink pen and wait what happens. Of course I have a raw draft in my head, but all the details and additional ideas are forming as I write. It is to me the most simple process to write my books.

Once the manuscript is completed in its raw form on paper, I do “type” it into my computer. Re-reading it from the paper to get it in electronical form lets me recognize “plot mistakes” or faulty details, but I hardly really change things that happen in the book during this process.

After that I let it sit for a while before going through again, correcting more mistakes, typos and so on – and a third time before it goes into editing.

Coming back from there I look for a cover designer and then I prepare the book for publishing.


I do have a Website where you can see what I’m working on at the moment. You as well can see the Trailer announcing ‘DRAGONBRIDE”, find links to other books, my latest work, my bio and where to find me.

My Website:

My Facebook:

Twitter: @RaaniYork


Thank you for stepping by and reading about my writing process! I really appreciate it! If you like to read about further Author’s writing process you will find them here, August 19, 2014:

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What is “preadamic”? The words actually means: “before Adam”. Preadamic is therefore “believing in the theory that there were humans before Adam”. A person being preadamic is a person believing in the Pre-Adamite hypothesis and our favorite encyclopedia “Wikipedia” informs us:


The Pre-Adamite hypothesis or Preadamism is a belief that humans existed before Adam. This assumption is contrary to beliefs describing Adam as the first human, as stated in the Bible and the Qur’an. Preadamism is therefore distinct from the conventional Abrahamic belief that Adam was the first human. Advocates of this hypothesis are known as “pre-Adamites”, as are the humans believed by them to have existed before Adam. Preadamism has a long history, probably having its origins in early pagan responses to Abrahamic claims regarding the origins of the human race.
What does now the bible say to this theory? Here’s one example:


The Pre-Adamic Age is the First Age of the Seven Ages in God’s Plan for All. It began at the creation of the heavens and the earth, and ended at the start of the six-day creation week, during which Adam and Eve were created. The Pre-Adamic Age was the age when angels were the key focus of God’s dealings. (to find at:


Of course there is more to it, but we’ll leave it at that.


At this moment I don’t plan on going that much into the religious, philosophic or scientific explanation or “believing or not to believing”-aspect of this world.


What interests me more is: Provided the fact that most Christian’s belief is correct and Adam really was the first human on Earth (and that’s why he probably didn’t need a Last Name… I mean: who would mix him up…? With whom??), how did he get Eve? Was she really made from one of Adam’s ribs?


It seems there is a legend (or rumor) going around that Eve (and therefore women in general) were only a “mistake” by God. Was I angry when hearing that? Hell no!!! I do more believe in the saying “When God made men, SHE was just kidding.” but we don’t take that any further now. – Let’s get back to the legend.



God created the Earth, he created the light, the plants and the animals, and he saw that it was good.

Garden of Eden

He created “the Man”, Adam, and saw that it was good.

Michelangeloa Adam



But then God saw that the Man, Adam, was alone. God deciphered Adams thoughts and found out, that Adam thought about something beautiful, something red, something that he could open, something that he could love!



What a mistake!!

Because what the Man, Adam, really thought of, was this:



Now, since we had learned about pre-adamic and some legends about how Eve was a mistake, let’s get to the other interesting question: Would “after Adam” then be post-adamic“?

Let’s have a look at Adam and what came later. There’s Eve, of course (instead of the Ferrari *sigh*) – and according to the Bible they had two sons: Cain and Abel. Cain was their firstborn and became a crop farmer and Abel a sheperd. It is said that Cain was the first one to be born and Abel the first one to die. The Bible states that jealousy made Cain so angry that he murdered his brother. This makes me believe that Cain was the  worst mass-murderer of all times!! (And no, don’t laugh. I know, in comparison, Charles Manson has killed 7 people, one of the top mass murderers of all times, Luis Garavito in Colombia has been convicted of 138 murders and has been suspected to have have killed over 400 people) – What does make me think of Cain being the worst?

Very simple: statistically seen he has killed 25% of the world population in his times.

But what I still don’t really understand is: It is said God had forgiven Cain for his sin and he left and got married to a woman. Where in all the world did he get her from? He, his brother and parents were the first, and apparently only people on earth.

I have done some research and the information is very controverse. It was said Cain took one of his sisters, Aran, as his wife. (A practice that was tolerated for at least 1800 years.) – Other sources seem to say, that Cain was not Adams son and that Eve has performed adultery with either Sammael the Serpent or the devil himself.  (To save you the research: Wikipedia does know nearly everything:

This does rise the questions: If she did sleep with some “Monster from Hell”, why did she? Seduction? Rape? Or did she eventually agree to do so? If she did this in agreement why? I do have a theory on that: Either Adam was so darn lousy in bed that she needed some change – or: why should she not have sex with someone else if he actually never have wanted her and thought about a FERRARI instead? ;-)

And please: This is only a post that should entertain and even make you laugh. I do not seriously expect any detailed religious education on this topic. Sometimes I just think it’s fun to play around with humor and information of all kinds and the interesting part of research. Enjoy, smile, eventually comment, if you like (which I would welcome very much!) – and I do definitely  thank you for reading the entire post until the end! You’re very brave! 



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Garden of Eden:

Michelangelo’s Adam:



Jake1Today is World CAT day! – And since I AM a cat (prince), you might permit me telling you how real cats live. (At least Aristocratic cats like me).


First: Let’s have a look at WHAT and how cats are:

The domestic cat[1][2] (Felis catus[2] or Felis silvestris catus[4]) is a small, usually furry, domesticated, and carnivorous mammal. It is often called the housecat when kept as an indoor pet,[6] or simply the cat when there is no need to distinguish it from other felids and felines. Cats are often valued by humans for companionship, and their ability to hunt vermin and household pests.

Cats are similar in anatomy to the other felids, with strong, flexible bodies, quick reflexes, sharp retractable claws, and teeth adapted to killing small prey. Cat senses fit a crepuscular and predatory ecological niche. Cats can hear sounds too faint or too high in frequency for human ears, such as those made by mice and other small animals. They can see in near darkness. Like most other mammals, cats have poorer color vision and a better sense of smell than humans.

Despite being solitary hunters, cats are a social species, and cat communication includes the use of a variety of vocalizations (mewing, purring, trilling, hissing, growling and grunting) as well as cat pheromones, and types of cat-specific body language.[7]

Cats have a rapid breeding rate. Under controlled breeding, they can be bred and shown as registered pedigree pets, a hobby known as cat fancy. Failure to control the breeding of pet cats by neutering, and the abandonment of former household pets, has resulted in large numbers of feral cats worldwide, requiring population control.[8]

Since cats were cult animals in ancient Egypt, they were commonly believed to have been domesticated there,[9] but there may have been instances of domestication as early as the Neolithic from around 9500 years ago (7500 BC).[10]

A genetic study in 2007 concluded that domestic cats are descended from African wildcats (Felis silvestris lybica) c. 8000 BC, in West Asia.[9][11] Cats are the most popular pet in the world, and are now found in almost every place where humans live.[12]

(Thank you Wikipedia)


I figure they’re probably not completely wrong, but I would still describe cats as being a little “more”.


Uzwil-20131227-00060We are majestic!









We are cute!











IMG-20140329-00063We are family!











We are convinced rolling around in fresh laundry is our duty!









This is our favorite past time!









We are charming!










We are beautiful!









We are curious








IMG-20131015-00157We are sometimes where you would never look for us!










But more than anything else, we are part of your heart!!














Hello Jim,Jim Sellers-a

I want to thank you first of all for your readiness to be part of this interview and permit me to publish it on my blog. I did choose you because I have heard of you before and would like for other people to know you and your writing better.

Thank you Raani, it’s my pleasure.



Would you explain what made you write in the first place?

I was a late bloomer, really. I didn’t get into reading seriously until I was in my early teens. I was more of a show-off most of my young life. I played music and acted. When my brain matured to the point where I could read serious literature without being required for a school assignment, I suddenly realized that I wanted to be part of this new world I had discovered, so I started writing stories. Not that I was delusional in thinking I could be like Dickens or a Tolkien, but I liked that I could create people and worlds and actions within my own mind.



When did you feel the need to write?

As I said, about 13 is when I started feeling the itch. That compulsion to fictionalize everything interfered with my school work. I would write biology reports in the form of children’s stories. I wrote plays in drama instead of using ones the teacher had chosen. Some teachers liked it but many didn’t.



What is it you like to write the most? Are we talking about articles, short stories, novels…  Please tell us about your writing.

I don’t have a specific favorite, I am loath to limit myself to one style of writing. I had to make a living as a freelance writer for a few years so I wouldn’t say no to anything. I have written for most forms of media; online, paper and TV. Every time I think I’m getting stale I force myself to try something new.  So far that has included websites on music and writing, a collection of short stories, an online serial, 2 novels, newspaper editorials and columns, etc. The only thing I have failed at entirely is poetry.

My one shot at the literary world is my newly released YA novel “Jacky the Brave” ( which is an interesting story of a boy who, from ages 11 to 13, goes from being the popular guy in grade school with the perfect life to a Middle School student struggling to keep up with the changes in his life and desperate to save his crumbling relationship with his father. His chosen cure: bagpipes. This is typical of my writing where I start with something I know a lot about and evolve into completely unknown territory.



We all hear about the chances in the publishing world. Old publishing companies are extending their offer from traditional publishing to self-publishing. How do you assess the market in the future?

I think, even with all the digital advancements that have been made in publishing and marketing (networking) the fundamentals are the same as they have been for 100 years. Publishers are always looking for new material but they want to bet on the right horse. It is a gamble for the publishers and it is fundamentally unfair to the new author. But this is no different than it is for new screenwriters and songwriters. There is no easy way in and there are always companies looking to make money on your ambitions.

I think the future will be the same in a different way. The big companies will still rule the publishing world, smaller ones will continue to compete and many more people will self publish.  We may be reading books in pill form but the industry will remain similar to the way it is now.



Would you mind becoming really famous with your writing – like Stephenie Meyer with her Twilight Series or J.K. Rowling with Harry Potter?

Immediately, without reservation. Where do I sign?



Do you see any kind of “danger” within this kind of fame – for a writer particularly?

Being pigeon holed. This is the same challenge faced by every artist who has had overwhelming success at the start. I do feel for Joanne now that she is trying to broaden her writing into adult mystery but I would like to have her problems over mine.

The real danger for authors comes in the movie adaptations; that’s where you lose control of your creation to someone who will treat it like a commodity. Rowling did an excellent job of managing that compared to the teeth gnashing that Stephen King has been doing over the film version of “The Shining”

The trade off is more fame and money in exchange for control. The same can be said for TV as Neil Simon has said about signing over the “Odd Couple” as a series.

Again, I would like to have those problems.



I personally think by today’s kind of electronic communication many children and young people forget how to write properly. How do you see this?

I agree except, ironically, it has been my experience that young people prefer books to e-readers and tablets which most parents seem to buy into very willingly. There are also a whole lot of people like writers, librarians and teachers who are fighting the tide.

I would caution against adult snobbery (anyone over 30) that suggests that only scribbling with a pen or pencil in your hand is writing properly. I grew up in the old fashion world when all we had was pen and paper as the IBM Selectric was locked up in the office. I write for a living but I rarely write with a pen. In fact the last time I had to do an exam with pen and paper I needed a massage to stop my arm from aching. Original ideas told in written form are as “proper” as stone carvings to ancient Greeks. What I find more worrisome is the amount of errors and bad editing that is making it through the publishing process in books, websites and newspapers. Over reliance on spell checking and rereading one’s own work is not right.



Is there any advice you would like to give fellow authors?

I actually had a whole ironic, “suffer till you succeed” thing written, then I deleted it.

What are writers? They are creators, they are liars, and they are bards sharing information and ideas. They are tinkers who make entire worlds, people, political systems and Armageddon out of nothing. And the best part is we need them to keep our real world sane.

Never think you’re not a good writer but always believe you can be better. Take a class, go to a retreat, always learn. Challenge yourself to stay out of the comfort zone.

I have two distinct personalities when I’m working (no, I’m fine, I’ve been checked). When I’m writing there are no limitations to the ideas. I don’t limit myself or worry about the editing process. I just work until the story takes shape and flows through to the end.  As the editor I am not creative or conceptual.  I am cold and critical. Does the story flow, why should anyone care about these people and this story? I am looking for errors and weaknesses and I am brutal. Then I came back, sigh, and begin rewriting. I know many people who edit while they write but I cannot do that, it just isn’t how I work.



Thank you so much for being part in this! We all really appreciate it!

Thank you for the opportunity Raani





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Megan_Cyrulewski_Book_BannerMegan’s book, Who Am I?  How My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go and Live Again, is about her journey into post-partum depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, stays in the psych ward, divorce, emotional abuse, domestic violence, law school, how she managed to graduate from law school and a beautiful little girl who emerged from all of this chaos.


Author Bio

Megan Cyrulewski has been writing short stories ever since she was ten-years-old. After attending Grand Valley State University, Megan eventually settled into a career in the non-profit sector for eight years. She decided to change careers and went back to school to get her law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. While in school, she documented her divorce, child custody battle and postpartum depression struggles in her memoir. Megan lives in Michigan with her 3-year-old daughter who loves to dance, run, read, and snuggle time with Mommy. Megan also enjoys her volunteer work with various organizations in and around metro-Detroit.







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Who Am I?  How My Daughter Taught Me to Let Go and Live Again is available in paperback from all good booksellers. eBook versions will follow.




On January 18, 2012, we all convened in the courthouse for the Motion for Parenting Time hearing. My dad and I arrived with my attorney, but Tyler loved an audience so he brought his dad, step-mom, and his new on-again off-again girlfriend, Heather. Tyler walked in with his posse in tow, cocky as hell. It took all of two minutes for the judge to knock him off his feet.

The Judge addressed our respective attorneys. “Why are we here?”

“Your honor,” Tyler’s attorney began, “my client has clearly been denied his parenti—”

The Judge didn’t even let him finish. “How?” She turned to my attorney. “Don?”

“Your honor, as you can see in the divorce decree, there was supposed to be a review when the minor child turned twelve-months-old. The Defendant has ignored that review.”

“I–if I may, your honor,” Tyler’s attorney sputtered.

“I see the review in the decree. It’s here in black and white,” she told Tyler’s attorney. “What is the problem? Why didn’t you understand the review? Your client signed the divorce decree.”

Tyler’s attorney tried again. “But your honor—”

The judge cut him off. “There is to be a review conducted by the Friend of the Court referee assigned to the parties. Until then, the Defendant will continue his parenting time schedule as agreed upon in the divorce decree. Dismissed.”

And that was it. After eight police reports and numerous harassing text messages, phone calls, and e-mails, we won. As Don and Tyler’s attorney went to speak with the clerk to file the necessary paperwork, Don told us to wait for him outside the courtroom.

As we exited the courtroom, the hallway was so packed with people that my dad and I were only able to find enough space to lean against the wall. We were talking about the court proceedings when we looked up at saw Tyler and his new girlfriend standing right across from us.

“Why do you lie about everything?” Tyler screamed.

Heather walked up to me and stood about an inch from my face. “As a mother myself, you should be happy that Tyler is the father of your child.”

My jaw dropped. “I’m sorry but I don’t know you.”

She smirked. “Well you’re going to get to know me, bitch.”

Tyler made a big show of pulling her from me like I was going to punch her or something. By this time, everyone in the hallway was watching us. We were pure entertainment.

Heather continued her rant. “Two times in the psych ward, Megan? What a great mother you are.”

“Where is your mom, the real mother of our child?” Tyler screamed. “She’s the one who takes care of Madelyne.”

My dad and I tried to move away from Tyler and Heather but they followed us.

“Do you have to take a Xanax because of your anxiety?”

“Go take your Xanax and sleeping pills, you drug addict,” Tyler shouted.

Finally, Don emerged from the courtroom and pulled us into a quiet corridor. He explained that I needed to call our referee to set-up a meeting to discuss a visitation schedule. I told Don about the verbal assault by Tyler and Heather. Don said he would call Tyler’s attorney to let him know that Heather would not be allowed in my house.

Upon leaving the courthouse, Heather screamed, “See you on Sunday, Megan.”

I turned toward her and said calmly, “I don’t know you, but you are not welcome in my home.”

That night, Tyler sent me multiple texts attacking my mothering skills, my supposed drug addictions, how he was going to fight for joint custody of Madelyne, how Heather would be accompanying him for his visitations, and a barrage of other insults:

  • “Get a life already.”
  • “Don’t you have something better to do than wasting your parents’ money?”
  • “Go take your pills and relax, oh yeah, then your parents would have to watch our daughter. Oh yeah, they already do.”
  • “Go talk to your friends. Oh yeah, you don’t have any because of how crazy you are.”
  • “Interesting to know you’ve been to the hospital a couple of times. You really need to get it together.”
  • “Better go call your lawyer and make up some more stuff about me.”
  • “Don’t be mad at your sorry life.”
  • “I am sure living with Mom and Dad the rest of your life will be fun.”
  • “When you get a job, then you can pay me child support. Fun.”

I finally had to turn my phone off at midnight.


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