Well, first of all let me explain you one thing: This is not going to be neither a scientific treatise about the female breasts nor at the first place does it have something to do with sexuality…

It’s just a few thoughts of mine as regular readers of my Blog might know them in the meantime…

All right: let’s see first what in all the world made me blog about the female chest, generally known as “boobs”, a short, well known but a little bit rude word as I find for “breasts”.

It is very simple: I’ve been discussing lately with some men about this… the main question was: what do they prefer: natural or plastic surgery? There were 7 Guys and surprisingly five of them voted for “natural”. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but since I personally find implants attractive as long as they’re not overdone, this answer still surprised me.

I asked them, what exactly attracts them about the nature state – but fact is, they couldn’t really answer this question… finally they said, it might be the “feeling”… which made me grin and shake my head. What is it that men love to touch boobs so much?

Possible answers:

1. Boobs are made to be a real sexual turn-on! (An answer which is strongly denied by certain radical representatives of the feminist movement)

2. Boobs are there to feed the babies. True but boring… and that men love to touch them because in their restricted sub-consciousness they’ve never made the step from the toddler to the adult… Never denied but never proven as well…

Finally I asked them if they would still be as attracted by natural boobs if they were hanging down the girls’ knees and look like old socks filled with two batteries… This made them laugh and they hurried to ensure me that they prefer the “good looking” well proportioned “form” of the natural boobs…

Easier said than done… the older a woman gets the more the gravity wins and that’s not only a fact implying for her face… sad but true…

This is not only depressing for the Guy but more for the girl too!!

My question now:

Let’s say, a woman is unhappy with her breasts, not feeling womanly anymore, sad when she looks in the mirror – why not going for some slight implants? The chance is given and it raises her self-confidence and happiness… and even though I’m mocking about “Boob-Jobs” sometimes, I do not deny that once in a while it’s just extremely helpful!

As long as: and this is the first and only condition: the surgery is done well and it looks well proportioned and fits the woman’s entire figure!

I wonder how you’d call this?












Yes, I know, some men like them HUGE and triple-huge, but hey… if the woman looks like the personified commercial for a record-year of pumpkin crop I doubt they’ll like it this much… but however… and whatever it is… maybe they just close their eyes and go on… with… whatever they do… *chuckle* (Let’s say at this place: you will find similar action watching kittens and puppies when they’re suckling… but let’s not deepen this here…)

And the third and last point of discussion was: yes, there’s no doubt that nipples on female breasts are erogenous zones, medically expressed… but: how is it with male nipples?

All of a sudden the question came up: why do men have nipples? It would be easiest to answer that they would look just ridiculous without them, but I’m afraid that’s not really the point.

I’m not going that deep into it – but scientifically expressed the answer sounds like: the embryo, developed in a woman’s belly only turns into either boy or girl from the 10th week on – before that boys and girls-bodies develop exactly the same way – and that’s why nature gave them both nipples…

Didn’t I forget anything? Oh… yes… but whether or not how male nipples react on certain actions… I’m not sure…  From what I was told that varies from man to man.

Yes, I know… you’re telling me now: how come you have all those strange discussions about all those very personal things? – Very simple… we were sitting around, waiting for something and were bored to death… at least we had something to think and talk.

Besides: These discussions teach me a lot about male thinking, male nature, male tastes and for example this particular discussion didn’t have a sexual undertone but was more “clinical” and therefore the Guys were really interested in thinking about their feelings and emotions and therefore (at least that’s what I hope) answering me as honest as possible.

This doesn’t mean we weren’t laughing at all during the conversation. But you know me: That’s part of it! *chuckle*


Picture to be found at: http://necromanc.blogspot.ch/2007/04/old-woman-on-beach.html