Dear Mr. Pattinson,

Recent rumors and magazine articles made me finally address this letter to you. I first of all would like to express that this letter does only show my own personal opinion, nothing more.

I was quite sorry to hear what happened. – After hearing gossip here and there I finally did some more research and read that it was told you were heartbroken, angry and hiding from the world. It was as well told you were talking to “strangers” because you have nobody to go to and talk about your relationship problems.

I read too that you moved out of the home you shared with Kristen Stewart (and so did she, who knows why? *grin*) Wouldn’t it have been smarter for her to stay where she is just in case you’d decide to “come home”?

However, Mr. Pattinson… let’s get to the point.

1. Kristen Stewart cheated on you.

2. She apparently said it was just a kiss – nothing more, and that the published pictures were taken in a moment, within a situation that never should have happened.

3. It seems she’s sorry.

4. We all know how much you must be hurt.

5. She apologized and declared she loved you.

To Point 1:

It seems Miss Stewart has cheated. After publicly apologizing (which by the way sounds like a confession) you will have to find out for yourself how far “cheating” goes.

There are people saying a kiss is already cheating; and considering the fact that most people kiss someone when they love the other person they might eventually not be completely wrong.

After all, as I said, it would have to be your decision.

Does cheating for you start with a kiss – or does it start on the bed frame? What exactly would be tolerable to you to consider forgiving her?

To Point 2:

See point 1.

To Point 3:

I wish I could somehow “discuss away” what I’ve seen on those pics, but they still seem to show a couple being unable to keep their hands (and lips) off each other…

I would have loved to say I hope she’s smart enough to guess that some paparazzi catch her no matter where she is in public and that pictures like this would show the entire world what’s happening; but either I was wrong or she didn’t care.

Or: and that’s the other point: She was smart enough and said the truth of this being the only situation and/or moment that was intimate between those two?

Or: have you ever thought that it might not even have been her fault but the one of Rupert Sanders?

I know, she’s got a brain and could have said no. (at least that’s what I hope), but still…  from what rumors say Mr. Saunders had several times already tried to seduce younger actresses…

Try to consider all eventualities… sometimes things are different than they seem…

To Point 4:

No matter what I’d say now, Mr. Pattinson, it won’t help. If I’d say: “Other Mom’s have beautiful daughters too.” you would find out that you don’t care about those others because Miss Stewart is the one you love.

Being cheated DOES hurt, there’s no denial! And believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

But if you really love Miss Stewart, wouldn’t it be your duty to at least consider forgiving her? Isn’t one single mistake worth to save the love of your life?

Don’t misunderstand me here! I’m not denying she did wrong!! I won’t tell anyone “is that all”? If she really loved you how could she even consider kissing another Guy?

It was still one mistake. If you’d lose her – if this is going to be the end – would or would you not regret it until the end of your life not even having considered forgiving her?

If you would, then I can only recommend you: make clear that this mistake was the first last and only time you will forgive. Maybe she learnt from that mistake.

And then consider one more tiny little thing: Have you always treated her the way you should have? Could it have been a small chance that you didn’t and that this stupid situation was out of anger part of something you did? I won’t defend her mistake. It’s just something to consider…

To Point 5:

From what’s heard Miss Stewart had never before publicly declared she loved you. Shouldn’t you take it as a sign that you do mean a lot to her and that she regrets what happened?

I know it wouldn’t be an easy decision. And as well your broken heart as also your anger is absolutely understandable. Go into hiding, ignore her calls. But if you think about all this and even the slightest doubt that breaking up with her for good is in your thoughts, that don’t wait too long until talking it out with her, otherwise it might be too late. And believe me – if Miss Stewart finally decides she’ll give up on trying to make up for her mistake, at the end you’re going to be crawling after her begging her to take you back.

And THIS would be definitely be  pitiful to watch.

No matter what you decide, Mr. Pattinson, your fans will support you, I’m sure. In my eyes, you’re a quite good actor, and of course, as most of your fans I do love Edward Cullen.

In some of your movies you were pretty good – in others you were even brilliant! Don’t give up on yourself!!

And don’t go in your pain and make the wrong friends!!

From what rumors say Scientology has stuck out their claws in your direction. Please, Mr. Pattinson: talk to strangers, if you have to – and if there are no other friends – go into hiding, if you must – but don’t give Scientology  a chance to wash your brain. In my opinion turning into a Scientologist you would only ruin your career and become the same ridiculous soup-clown as Tom Cruise is.

You’ve got a brain, Mr. Pattinson – you don’t need help in thinking.

We would all like to see you as we know you: with this mischievous smile on your face, great looking and happy:

I do wish you all the best – with your decision, your future, your career and of course your relationship.

Good luck!



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