Dear Mr. Raymond,

I read yesterday that you do make love to women while listening to your own music… and that one of your songs makes them call you “Daddy”…  (If I were you I’d be careful about expressing the wish you want to be called “Daddy” by any woman you share bed with… it could lead to eventual misunderstandings…) Of course this kind of public declaration screams for a letter to you. A letter, which like all of them, only expresses my personal opinion about you…

When I read what you said in public, I didn’t know whether to scream or run to the bathroom directly!! Sheeeesh, Mr. Raymond… don’t you think that’s quite narcistic? And freaky too?

Romance is something different, you must know. The song “Everything I do, I do it for you” might be old, but it fits a romantic, love making evening and night 100 times better than any song you’ve got to offer!

And let’s compare two pictures – to find out what romance is.










Are you laughing too??

You know, Mr. Raymond, if weren’t so amused about your self centered idiocy I’d laugh about you having an attitude as big as the sky. I’m only glad that your enormously blown up ego has one advantage: You at least will never be lonely… nobody who thinks so highly of himself ever faces loneliness… *sigh*

I had expected the accident of your 11 year old stepson and his passing might have given you a little insight into reality of life and death and how close they are together. I am indeed very sorry to hear what happened to the boy and do sincerely express my condolences to you and the boy’s family.

But it does seem that you haven’t learnt a thing! You’re as egomaniac as before… Why don’t you just make your music, make your fans happy (can you tell I’m not one of them? I don’t like your work and I can’t even stand your voice… but that’s only a minor detail)…  and learn some modesty. Not all women like you – and having to sleep with you would be my personal idea of eternal damnation…

By thinking about all this: Mr. Raymond, you really ruined my next few love nights… now I will have to really think of something to make your sound disappear out of my head when making love… *sigh* I really don’t know what’s worse: Listening to your music on a romantic evening – or trying to go to the restroom with a three-day-diarrhea… – oh well… maybe it’s the same… *grin*




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