Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dear diary,



June 18 I turned two years. Mommy has measured me and set me onto the scale.







You might ask: Why does he add a picture of himself and look so smug. And I’ll answer: … I did it – Yipeeeee!! I did it – I’m 23.65 inches (after quite a fight, me biting into the measurement tape and Mommy giggling) – which equals 60 cm and that’s without the tail of course! – and I’m nearly 15 pounds. *smirk* Mommy says, that’s because I’m eating like a truck driver, but she also says it could be worse if I weren’t moving like a rocket…


Which means I’m getting quite big actually…


And Mommy has insurance now for me and Cherie. She said she wants us to be healthy and feeling good and in case something happens she wants to be sure she can afford the vet costs. But then she threw a sharp look at me and doubling: “But don’t get ideas here, ok? I’m still keeping a sharp eye on you…”


And now she’s got to wait for me to play jokes again but that isn’t going to happen since I’m exceptionally good and very dignified… hehehe


Last night when she was on the phone I jumped onto her chest with one jump and she gasped for air. And then she laughed and I licked her chin before leaving. – As I said… I’m a good boy.


And now I’m kind of busy…





Saturday, July 30, 2011


Dear diary,


Oh-oh… Mommy said I haven’t been writing into my diary for nearly one month. Which means, I proved to be a good boy.


But then she found out I’m still up-to-no-good. She has bought a mat for underneath the little carpet in the bedroom and fixed it there. I like it to sleep on that carpet, but I nearly always kicked it underneath the bed when getting up… now it’s much harder. But instead I do lift it up with my paws and hide little plant balls underneath… I lay down and push them further underneath. Then I get onto my stomach and wait until Mommy steps onto them and jumps. *giggle*


Or I’m just sitting down in front of the bed when Mommy is reading something and look around… completely innocently… like this:


















And then… yesterday… shortly before Mommy went to sleep she got out to the balcony and came back in – and brought a “visitor”… first I didn’t see it, but then I realized Cherie being hunting.

When I took a closer look I saw a night butterfly (moth for the experts)… about… I don’t know… half an inch maybe… and brown green. A little bit like this:








Cherie and I hunted that thing down – together… from one to another and back… Cherie gave up because she got tired, but I hunted until the bitter end… finally, next to Mommy’s bed on the ground I got it. Because it didn’t move anymore and I felt the urgent need of additional protein, I ate it. Including wings and legs. Mommy nearly vomited… BUAH…

I then wanted to go cuddling and kissing Mommy. She has complimented and pat me – but didn’t want to be kissed by me… I still wonder why that is?

Cherie and I had been really tired then and went for a nap:










And now I’m tired again because writing isn’t relaxing it’s hard work… I’ll go and have a nice nap – again.


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