Patricia Garcia:  has tagged me in the 7-line challenge. Thank you, Patti.

Here are seven lines from “Dragonbride”, my Fantasy/Young Adult novel: It’s the first night after they got married and the Magician would meet her husband for the very first time in his dragon form… he fears to lose her since she could be shocked by the sight and leave him…


The very first thing I saw was an immense claw, directly in front of me. Looking up, I followed the curve of his enormous shoulder. To the right was his coiled tail, its muscles twitching slightly. I looked into his yellow reptilian eyes, the pupils narrow and slitted. His huge head was beautifully formed and not at all scary since I already knew my husband as a ‘human'; even his snout  was perfectly formed.  As our eyes met, we almost became lost in each other’s eyes.

  I saw the folded wings and the razor-sharp claws, but what impressed me the most was his magnificent armor-plated body. The Dragon’s shimmering golden scales were a mixture of shades from a yellow as rich as the summer sun and the darkest ochre, and everything in between.


It is now my turn to tag 7 other writers, whose works are varied both in product and stage, to keep the challenge going:


August McLaughlin

Jeannie Walker

Patricia Yeager

Jacqueline Gum:

Peggy Strack:

Sharla Lee Shults:

Ronnie Dauber:


This is your mission: Go to line 7 on either page 7 or page 77 of your manuscript and do a post with the next 7 lines, then tag 7 people to keep the challenge going! This a short and savvy way to see what others out there in the blogosphere are writing.


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