Dear Miss Gomez,

Something I read two weeks ago finally made me address this letter to you. Please take it only as an expression of my very own personal opinion about what’s apparently been going on in your life…

Rumors say, your new single, “Love will remember” opens with a message from a voice that significantly resembles Justin Bieber’s, saying: “I just want to call and tell you that I love you so so much…”

Dear Miss Gomez – please, do yourself a favor: Get over this Guy! From what’s heard about his behavior lately believe me, you’re better off without him!

If he really does struggle with addition to illegal substances, he’ll struggle for the rest of his life. And you will always be the loser┬áplay second to that!

Besides: look at you: you are so a cute and beautiful lady, and there are men out there who would treat you with respect and gentle manners.

Why in all the world would you decide for a boy who pees into a mop-water-bucket in a restaurant? This is soooo below what you deserve!


I personally think you might want to count on your talent and concentrate on your career and then meet a MAN – not a “Biebs”!

I do believe that you’re a young lady with guts and brains – use them!

Good Luck!!



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