Raani York has been a High Volume writer for many years. She has published articles, letters, short stories, poems, continuation stories and descriptions of all kinds. She also writes novels, of which you can find some on this website.

Raani has been educated in Switzerland and in the U.S. – She works as a High Level Executive Assistant and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She also obtained Diplomas in Graphic Design, Color Studies and won a prize as a Logo Designer. She speaks four languages and several dialects.

Raani York works and lives in Switzerland and the U.S. and travels a lot. She likes her readers being entertained with her work and is always happy to read emails from people.

Besides her work Raani likes reading, Martial Arts, skiing, Horseback riding, skydiving and sometimes plays the classical piano.

Raani’s personal Website is: www.raaniyork.com